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Kitty bites and scratches

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I have been a member of this community for over a year, and I am baffles by the fact I have heard very few people talk about their cats scratching and bitting them.....I find this completly interesting..I figured scratches and the occasional bite came with the territory, Yet nothing about it on a "Cat" forum.......

My kits all scratch at me when we are playing, and lightly bite....And when Mabby gets mad shes vicious.....But I accept that, it doesnt bother me...They have never broke the skin with a bite....but i have scratch scars galore.....Not a big deal though...they're cats...right???

So are my cats just strange...or is the scratch and bite topic taboo........

I think I will add a poll.....
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Serenity still thinks Mommy is a chew toy whose arm is meant for rabbit kicking. Boy are we working towards correcting this!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Serenity still thinks Mommy is a chew toy whose arm is meant for rabbit kicking. Boy are we working towards correcting this!

Awww...I love serenity.......

How is sierra???
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Serenity still thinks Mommy is a chew toy whose arm is meant for rabbit kicking. Boy are we working towards correcting this!
Harley does the same exact thing....
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My cats don't bite or scratch me. They are just sweeties and they purr all the time.
But they are grown cats, not kittens. One is six years old and one is nine.
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My two girls dont bite or scratch me either -- only when playing do they get excited and scratch and lightly bite/lick. Its more like just putting my fingers/toes in their mouths and closing gently. Helps to keep nails trimmed for better play times! It saves your hands! haha

I think its because most people on this forum are kitty savvy and know when a kitty is getting ready to bite/scratch. I have friends whose hands are all scratched because they dont pay attention to the obvious signs kitty is giving that they want to be left alone for a while.
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Cable, Java & Pixel rarely scratch me, unless they're sitting on my lap & suddenly get scared by something [who knows what ]. Cable & Java will sometimes 'mouth' me, usually when i'm cutting claws - they want me to stop. but none of them are vicious, biting/scratching for no reason.
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I have a few scratches but they are very light mostly because they like to use me as a springboard lol. Salem and Isis will grab my hands and nibble on my fingers but they don't use their "talons" as my daughter calls them lol. The never put enough pressure when nibbling to even cause discomfort with ME. Now when the kids get their toys out and are playing rough then they will scratch and sometimes nip . I am still working with the kids(2 legs) on not being rough. I tell them all the time if you play gentle with them then they will not scratch and bite you...le sigh.... they still havent learned. Oh the difference in raising a puppy and a kitten.
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Marlee only scratches on accident. If she's playing and happens to run across my lap, of course I get a few scratches, or if I'm holding her toy and she grabs up a little too far. The only bad scratch was once about two weeks ago, she was on my bed and I was sitting in my computer chair about a foot away. She was getting ready to jump on my lap but I didn't know it and turned....poor thing pretty much missed my leg and grabbed on with ALL her claws and held for dear life. (I had on shorts ) But it wasn't her fault!
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Rowan only scratches hard when he's trying to get out of a bath. Bella doesn't scratch on purpose... she's gotten me a couple times when she's trying to jump up or down from my lap, though.

Rowan bites when he's playing, but not hard. I'm trying to teach him not to, though.
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My two only "play bite", they gently just close thier mouths over my hand or fingers when playing. Sometimes though Pixie (she's only 5 months old) gets a little over excited and nips me (she's never broken the skin) Usually the only time they scratch is if they are launching themselves onto or off of my lap but sometimes when they are playing and get a too into it they can scratch by mistake.
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Eppie is my perfect angel princess (I meant that to sound so syrupy ), so I worry about none of that with her.

Cosette on the other little problem child . I think she's still in awe of those sharp thingies on the end of her paws and scratches every chance she gets (but she's gentle around me unless she's mad).
She doesn't bite too much except...I like to scoop her up and cradle her in my arms. She'll look up at me with the sweet, angelic face. Naturally, I lean down to kiss her on the nose and -CHOMP!- right on the septum of my nose. I bet she thinks it's hilarious. When will mommy ever learn her lesson?
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I have scratch scars only because I have sensitive skin. My cats have never intentionally scratched me in play or in anger.
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There really wasn't a category that applied to my situation at the moment, but here goes:

1) Tonka bites me hard (twice requiring emergency medical attention including IV antibiotics) if he gets overstimulated.
2) Lexus never bites me at all.
3) Tonka scratches me deeply (twice requiring stitches) if he gets overstimulated.
4) Lexus never scratches me at all.
5) All four kittens both bite and scratch but are currently learning to keep their claws retracted and their teeth from breaking the skin.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
She doesn't bite too much except...I like to scoop her up and cradle her in my arms. She'll look up at me with the sweet, angelic face. Naturally, I lean down to kiss her on the nose and -CHOMP!- right on the septum of my nose. I bet she thinks it's hilarious. When will mommy ever learn her lesson?
you need a kitty like my Java, who will jump onto a high spot & lift her nose to my lips for a kiss awwwww!
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There are times I feel like Foghorn Leghorn and Ari is the weasel that comes out of nowhere and latches on.

A friend said his neuter would calm him down. HAH!
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Comes with the territory but, as others have said, knowing when to stop play or patting will save many a hand.
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Originally Posted by laureen227
you need a kitty like my Java, who will jump onto a high spot & lift her nose to my lips for a kiss awwwww!
Awww, Java's a real sweetheart . She could teach Cosy a thing or two!
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Lola does the occasional soft bite when playing. She scratches when she's scared, which means anytime someone tries to pick her up.

Sammy is the devil...he doesn't just bite, he full on attacks. I've tried a million tactics to get these ambushes to stop, from distraction to time outs to hissing. I think it's his way of trying to assert himself as head of the house, which I will not allow. Lately, when he bites me, I'll get on all fours, hiss and growl at him. He gets a bit nervous, then swats me (no claws) to test the water. I swat him back (obviously, not hard at all, just enough for him to know I won't take it lying down) and he backs off. This has decreased the frequency of the leg ambush around the house. When he's scared, though, he jumps at everything and runs. Funny, huh?
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Yeah, Tola scratches when I'm playing with her, but she likes to catch my finger right in the pad of her front paws and then claws my finger. She also gives a little nip when playing, and yesterday for some reason when I was petting her she wanted to lick/suck/mouth the tips of my fingers.
I just know when it's coming and when she wants to play, so I usually put the cuff of my sweatshirt over my hands so she can claw that instead......and she gets really excited when that happens cause that means free playing!!
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None of mine scratch. Gracie can be a biter, although she nips more than anything else. Her kisses can turn into nips on my ears and nose if I don't get up fast enough in the morning. Also, anyone besides me who dares to
touch Her Royal Highness is taking their chances.
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I used to get tons of scratches on my legs when I wore shorts and the cats jumped up on me. A few loud "OWs" let them know it hurts and they are usually more careful now. Plus I started keeping their claws clipped all the time which helps ALOT. I got through this summer with almost no scratches.

I actually hissed at the little furballs when they played too rough with me, they got the message fast and rough play with "mom" hasn't been a problem in a long time.
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I had to answer several ways because all my cats a differnt. Levi doesn't scratch, but bites when he's playing. Isaac & Maggie, don't bite, but scratch when they are scared. Then there's Jordan, I love that dude, but he can be a little unpredictable at times.
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I love my cats, but I think that maybe I attract psychotic animals. I wonder what that says about me? Anyway, I digress.

Peter and Snow will definitely leave scars if you aren't careful. The following is an incident with Peter, but Snow left scars on my face once when I was trying to cuddle him and he wasn't in the mood.

I was home alone and was working on some wiring down under my desk for a new phone. Peter came in and wanted to see what I was doing. He smelled around and rubbed against me. So, I stopped and rubbed his ears and and petted him and gave him some cuddles for a few minutes. He got enough and squirmed, so, I let him go and he went on. I went back to work and the next thing I knew here Pete was. He jumped on my right arm with all four feet and teeth! I tried to relax and give him a second to release as he usually did with his attacks, but he didn't this time. He just dug in with a firmer grip and started ripping flesh with his back legs. I grabbed him by the back of the neck and lifted his body weight up thinking that he would respond, but no luck. Then I managed to get hold of his back feet with my left hand, but I couldn't get him to release me. By this time, I had blood dripping off my arm and he was chewing on the underside of my wrist. I finally got him around the throat, exerted some pressure, and then at last, he released me. He took off all fuzzed up and was annoyed with me for about a day. My wrist took ages to stop bleeding. Thought I was gonna have to go to the emergency room that night and it took weeks and weeks for it to finally heal up. Now I look like I have tried to slash my wrist but botched the job because the scars run long ways not across.

Those scars are by far the worse, but I have many because Pete thinks that to get your attention that he has to impale you with his claws and drag you to him. Especially when we are cooking and he smells something that he wants. He is a fiend for deli turkey breast.

Needless to say that we keep a stock of antibiotic ointment and bandages on hand.
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I put that my kitties never bite or scratch, but maybe they do a little bit now and then. Garfield is the main one to get carried away when he plays, so we just back off when he gets to that point, and he backs down. He also is very bad about wanting to climb onto my lap by impaling me with his claws, and dragging himself up. Needless to say, I do not find that to be pleasant, and always tell him NO!

Once in a while one of the cats gets carried away at night, and scratches a kid's face, usually Lexie since she has the long hair. But all in all, very little harm done to us by the felines.

Yesterday, I wormed them, and Sugartoes totally fought me. But she was pushing as hard as she could, with soft hands, no claws out. I just love that girl!

The outside boy, Will (in my avatar) has been known to grab my ankle from behind by wrapping his paws around it, and nipping. Never any harm done, and it only happens if he hasn't had his necessary loving attention.

To me, that is no biting or scratching. Maybe I'm just weird?!?
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When Bijou was a kitten I had a rough time teaching him not to bite or scratch. He was just playing but my legs and hands were a mess. He would chase my feet and legs as I was walking and grab (scratches) and bite (sometimes brought blood because his little teeth were so sharp).

After he matured he stopped doing either and is the perfect little gentleman now.
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Well, my 5 month old thinks its great to bite toes and fingers - But he is generally very playful about it and doesn't bit too hard unless he gets overstimulated!!

My 5 week old is just learning how to bite and randomly will bite me when she feels like it!! But I don't mind, she is building up her defenses so she can defend herself against her brother!!
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Sakura will bite when she over stimulated and when she mad at me. For example this morning i caught her scratching the furniure so i hissed at her. This used to stop her from doing it but now she learned that she cat attack back She doesnt bite hard but it is a annoying.
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My cat is gorgeous and yummy and soooo affectionate but he just has these wild moments where I cannot move for him biting my ankles. I actually run away sometimes because I don't want to shout at him and scare him as I know this is just what kittens do. Also it just seems to be me he does it to, but I know its not coz he doesn't like me coz I get headbutts all night long when we're in bed.
I'm hoping its going to calm down after he gets spayed as he does brake my skin when he does it sometimes.
But rest assured I dont shout at him or get angry I just stay still (if I can handle the pain!!!) and make a loud clapping noise, or bang on the wall so he looks away and I can escape!!
I know he loves me, I think he just doesnt know it hurts me. I still love him though he's awesome x
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