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Your daily routine

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I have a question for those that are self-employed or do not have a job outside your home.
Since I am no longer in the corporate world it has been hard to establish a new daily routine.
I used to get out of bed at 5:30 and do some early housework before getting ready for work at 8:00 and arrive back home around 5:20 pm unless I did grocery shopping or other errands.
I've been trying to get out of bed at 6:30 when Neil leaves for work-otherwise I'll fall back asleep for another hour and I am getting plenty of sleep already!!
I've always been a morning person and by this time in the afternoon I start to lose steam. I'll sometimes watch Dr Phil & Oprah but really don't want to get in the habit.
I have been menu planning and cooking supper every day too!!!
So like today-do laundry & grocery shop. Tues clean house. I am still woking on outdoor yard cleanup and should finish painting the inside of the garage this week along with washing the rest of the windows.
I try to go ompcomputer once/day around 1:00 pm..
But I've been making a weekly to do list not a daily to do list.
Next month I plan on starting my business plan too so come March I'll be ready to advertise my service .
Does this sound ok-I not a person to sit still all day but if I do to much manual labor stuff (like over 5-6 hrs) until I'm build up an endurance I'm tired and have to take a nap which have lasted 90 minutes already!!
So what are you daily routines-any ideas to improve mine???
Thanks for any input
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Wow, Gail, really sounds as if you're keeping yourself busy! You're very well disciplined!
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I wake up between 11am and 1pm Then I look for a job. Then I clean a little and of course come to TCS!!! Clean some more, make dinner. Pretty much the same thing everyday!
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Believe me, it is a HUGE adjustment!

I used to get up at 5:00 when I had to work, now I get up closer to 7. I also stay up a lot later too!

These days I don't know how I got anything done when I worked. I like to get up, have breakfast with my husband, sneak in a little TCS, then go for a walk. Then whatever errands I may need to do for the day. Or I reverse that, do my errands, then go for a walk or hit the exercise bike. I then start tackling whatever house project needs to be done - cleaning, laundry, outdoor work, etc. By 4:00 I start making dinner or at least prepping for it, then I after dinner I am done for the day. After supper is "me" time for reading or scrapbooking, etc. I try to look at taking care of the house as my job and only do that during normal working hours. Just like any job, I get a lunch, breaks, etc.

Try to relax your pace a little and enjoy yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get something done. You will get into a routine that works for you!
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I wake up about 8:30am hear my mum n dad gettin ready for work! (once Ive opened my eyes i cant go back to sleep, so up i get)

Get ready, go down stairs, (parents have gone to work) Turn the comp on, make me breakfast, look at my emails, come on here, watch 'charmed' as well. then play on the Sims 2 (I'm totally hooked on it).

Then my mum will ring me to pick her up at 2pm, then come home. watch TV/play with Tigger!
Have tea, watch TV! Go to bed at 11-11.30pm. Then do it all again, or sometimes ill go shopping!

Pretty boring really!
But i'm not all lazy i work on Sundays!
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Wow, Stephanie's right - you are disciplined!! Seems like when I started staying at home from my hubby's office, my family duties increased and I wind up doing more than ever. I rented a car on sept. 29, turned it in a little under 3 weeks later, and had put over 6,000 miles on it!! Meanwhile, the office became complete chaos & now I'm having to play "catch up"... I guess it's nice to be so "useful" ... I suppose
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I think you are managing very well. You seem to be a very disciplined person. My husband is retired and so we don't have a rigid schedule. It takes more sleep for me than for him, so I usually go to bed and leave him in front of the tv. I get up about 6:30 and pour myself a cup of coffee. (I make it the night before and set it to come on). I sit for a few minutes and then go feed my cats. My husband and I go for a walk or bike ride for about thirty minutes. I come back, eat some breakfast and then do chores like laundry, ironing, housecleaning etc. until lunch time. Of course I am on and off here several times a day. In the afternoons, I finish my chores, go shopping etc. I like to go to the thrift stores we have locally. I make supper about five thirty or six. After that I am pretty much through. If I sit down, I fall asleep. I never see the end of a movie so I gave up on tv a long time ago.
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Somedays I wished I were at home taking care of stuff around there, when I get off work it seems like there is just never enuf time to get anything done around the apartment that I would really like to do (thank goodness for weekends I guess!)

My Routine:

Wake up at 7AM, carefully peel Harley off of me ( ) , shower, get ready for work, get Harley breakfast and play with him before I leave, wake up John, and leave for work by 7:45, home for lunch @ noon, gone again until 5PM, come home, feed Harley, go to the YMCA, come home, make supper for John & I, clean the apartment, and try to relax but by that time its already about 9:00 and I'm ready for bed!

I live for the weekends!
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