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She's here!!!!!!

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Well, my little baby girl made her appearance in this world 2 weeks ago today. Her name is Anna Elizabeth and weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz and measured 20 & 1/4 inches. She's so long and skinny she looks like a spaghetti noodle!!

I'm going to *TRY* to post a picture but I've only done it once so it make take a little while. Hang in there, I'll get it done sooner or later!
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Awww she sounds just precious!! I really hope that you get pictures up and running sooner rather than later, what a beautiful name too by the way!

Congratulations too by the way!!
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Congrats! I love the name and can't wait to see pictures.
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...from the bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS!.....
My best wishes to her!
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Ok, here goes nothing......
I hope I'm doing this right. Here's a photo of baby Anna:

Here's a picture of baby Anna with her VERY PROUD big brother:

She's only 1 day old in these pictures.

Thank you for all of the Congrats!! It's funny how much your life changes with each child - I thought it would be pretty much the same but boy was I wrong! It's a whole new experiance all over again!
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Oh my goodness, she is just so beautiful!! What a gorgeous little girl!!
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You have beautiful children!
CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby Anna!
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She is just precious (as is your son) and I love her name .

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What a LOVE! Beautiful little one, and she has a real cute big brother, too!
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Congratulations Both Anna and her big brother are absolutely gorgeous!
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Aaaww, Anna is just so precious! What a wonderful big brother she has!
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Congratulations, Anna is adorable!
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Congratulations to you all!!
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I was wondering how you were!!

Now JASMIN Has a tcs cousin!!

Congratulations! she is sooo gorgeous!
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Awwwww congratulations!

She is an absolute cutie
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Congratulations Catherine! Anna is just a little doll! And her big brother looks SO proud - and I'm sure Mommy and Daddy are just as proud as he is!
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Catherine that's incredible! Congratulations!! She looks like such a little angel.
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Your children are so adorable!!! Anna is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!!! Congrats!
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Oh, Anna Elizabeth is really beautiful. She looks a lot like her cute big brother! Congrats!
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Oh she is beautiful!!, congratulations
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Congratulations! Her big brother certainly does look proud.
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Darling children. Congrats to you!
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Congratulation on the birth of your beautiful little girl...Anna Elizabeth. She is adorable.
I can tell that her big brother is very proud of his little sister.
You have a wonderful family.
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Congratulations and welcome to baby Anna!
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Congratulations on your new daughter!! And big brother is sooo adorable, too!
When I had my first daughter, an elder told me that one didn't know what being a parent was until one had at least 2 children...boy, was she right! Lots of multi-tasking involved, but Christmas was twice as much fun....again, congratuations!!
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Congratulations! Children are a blessing from God!!!
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Awww Congrats on your new addition
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she is simply adorable

Originally Posted by fwan
Now JASMIN Has a tcs cousin!!
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Congratulations on the birth of beautiful baby Anna. She's gorgeous and her big brother is just adorable.
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