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I'm off

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.....Early in the morning to Blackpool for a couple of days with the young man in my life who is more important to me than breathing out and breathing in. Just him, me and a massive amount of fun I have planned, or as much as I can fit in between the pleasure beach, tram rides, walks, hotel and everything else that goes. Just a son and his dad together for the first time away overnight booked into a posh hotel with a sea view right on the front. Its gonna be awesome for him and for me, its a small dream come true and one I am grateful for believe me.
You all take care whilst am away and spare me a thought...Cause for him - its gonna be incredible, for me, its even more time to show him how much I love him.
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Good luck!
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I hope you both have a wondeful, fun packed time together!!!
Let us know all about it when you get back!
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Have a wonderful time Kev and remember - it doesn't matter what you do when you're there and it doesn't matter how rainy, windy or cold the weather is. What matters is that you and your son are there together.

Wrap up warm and take plenty of photos. You'll treasure them.
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Hoping you two have a REALLY GOOD TIME!!!!!!
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Have a wonderful, wonderful time. I treasured my visits with my dad (my parents split when I was 3-4) and I'm sure he'll look back someday and treasure the memories you are about to make.
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Oh, have a wonderful time. Like Flisssweatpea said, he is going to love it whether it is warm or cold, or wet or dry. But very nice of you to plan a beautiful trip to the beach. Have so much fun!
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I've always wanted to go to Blackpool for a weekend, it sounds so much fun, I hope you have a wonderful time!
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Oh Kev you and Christopher have a terrific time!
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Hello Kev!!

Have a great time with Chris!!

Oh, give me a nice little hug from Auntie Kate
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Kev, you will have a wonderful time! I hope you'll be doing the horse and cart ride too - make sure you use the blanket!

Have the illuminations (powered by donkey poop!) started yet?!

Enjoy yourselves!
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