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Do their nails shed?

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Today Marlee was climbing up onto the bed, and I noticed it looked like one of her nails caught on the sheet. I went over and picked it up, and its one of her nails! Except it doesn't look like a full nail, it looks sorta hollow or something, and toward the wider end (what would be by the paw) was split in two. Is this normal? I tried to check all 4 paws to see if she was missing any (esp. the back two, cause thats where I thought it came from) but it looks like they are all there.
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I dont know if they shed per say.. but Bella leaves those around the house all the time She actually BITES her nails, which is the cutest to watch. I clip her nails when I can get a hold of her, but she bites them most of the time too. Hope that helps.
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It always help to know another kitty does it too! I just wanted to make sure it didn't mean her nails were to soft, or something. Thanks so much for replying! I figured it wasn't a big deal b/c she wasnt acting like it hurt, but wanted to make sure.
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Wow! Maybe they do...I don`t know, but i`ve never found anything like that left from mt 2 "boys"....so ?????
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This also happens to Andy.
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Yes, cats do shed the outer portion of their nails.
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Leo does that...he had a fairly serious injury to his paw when I adopted him...presumably inflicted by a person, since he will NOT let anyone even THINK about touching his paws. Needless to say, he won't let me (or anyone) clip his nails, so he sheds them from scratching on the sisal post we made for him. I clip Lola's nail every few days (since she has a 'let's climb mommy!' habit), so I usually don't let hers have a chance to shed
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The process is called sheathing.
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Thanks for the info everyone! My BF thinks I'm silly and over-protective, but Marlee is my baby! Anyways, he was the same way when he first got his kitty Mick.
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Hi guys... my baby girl Shiraz does that too... i found one a couple weeks ago and then she bit one and it flew off yesterday (skeeves me out just thinking about it, haha) but yeah it's like the outer layer... i guess it is normal now that i see everyone's posts. thanks guys.
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Yup, cats definitely shed their outer layers of nails! That's the way those soft paw nail caps work... when the outer nail layer sheds off, the cap goes with it! It's also part of the reason cats scratch on posts, couches, carpet, etc... hehe don't worry, you will DEFINITELY know if your kitty somehow loses an entire nail - he will NOT be a happy camper and it will be obvious that he needs vet attention, but he would have to get his toe caught in something pretty tight to cause that
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Originally Posted by Jillian
Yes, cats do shed the outer portion of their nails.

My cats nails shed the outer layer.
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Already posted here...I think yesterday...and guess what we found last night? The shell of a cats claw! (After i`d said I`d never seen one from my cats before.....NO DOUBT that was what it was!!!...Guess they DO shed!
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