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Meet Bob - Page 2

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Yeah the waiting is sucking bigtime! But I'm trying to be patient. He looks well worth the wait to me. I am a little worried that his eyes look a little crusty and his haws are showing.

I hope that it isn't sickness that has kept his foster from calling. If it is I can only hope it's something really minor. I've heard some very sad and chilling stories about pets adopted through state run shelters. We don't even have a no-kill shelter in the area. So I worry over every animal I see on their website.
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I wish you all the luck! Bob looks like such a sweetheart!!
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Awww, Bob's a sweetie! I hope he will come to live with you and Chelsea, that would be brilliant! Let us know how it goes!
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sooo cute!
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Still no word, and I'm really starting to get worried. Is it normal for it to take this long to get word back?

I couldn't resist dolling his pic up a bit in PSP. Since it's the closest I can get to petting him at the momnent.

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It is really odd that they have not responded to your requests.
I think that I would start talking to them in person if possible, to let them know that I was really serious about adopting Bob.
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I wish I could, but he's at a foster home and the shelter won't give out contact info. The just call his foster mom and tell her I called and give her my info.
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Called LCHS again and asked them to leave another message for me with the foster mom.

Still waiting...
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I hope this works out for you He is such a pretty cat
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All right I'm subscribing to this thread so I can find out when you get him. He looks like he really wants someone to come get him. What are haws?
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All cats have a third inner eyelid set called haws. While I have heard these can extend covering part of the eye in extremely stressful situations, I have only seen it happen to cats which are in some way ill.

Bob's are showing in his pic. While it might mean nothing or only something minor, it could also be an indicator of a very ill kitty.

Page on kitty eyes
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