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My weakness is perfume for myself, so any man that goes out with me always has a few bottles to his name!.
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I love trying new perfumes. I like the one that Dave wears, CK Obession, but he's always worn it and I'm getting tired of it! I would buy him something different, but he'd just get grouchy about it.
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Xeryus by Givenchy! OMG!

Stop by the counter in a store that carries Givenchy and smell THIS!
It drives me WILD!

It is a man's cologne
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I love the smell of a man's cologne!!, as long as it isn't too strong.
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Oh yes. I love cologne on a man. My hubby always smells so good
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I loooove certain men's fragrances, but don't even talk to me if you're standing in the center of a 50-foot "cologne zone." I'm not at all a big fan of musk, though Shawn likes to wear it.

I love when a guy walks by and you just catch a whiff, enough to make you want to get closer. (Though that's rather awkward when the guy is, say, a coworker—and more to the point, not your husband. ) A few weeks ago I was walking with a coworker, Matt, and smelled someone yummy. I said, "Mmm, somebody smells good." He said, "It's me." I said, "No, I don't think so." (I didn't mean that to be rude; it's just that at that moment we were walking past a few other guys, so I figured it was one of them.) So he said, "Here, smell me," pointing to his chest. I did (and it was him—wearing Kenneth Cole Black), but the whole thing was just ... odd.

Okay, well. Sorry for that tangent. Back to your originally scheduled thread.
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I'm sensitive to strong odors and am picky about personal scents. That being said, I have literally tailed men down the street, who were wearing Stetson. It affects me very strongly (wonder if it has some kind of pheromone in it?)

Old Spice triggers other emotions - Daddy wore it, when I was little.
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Not only does the chemical stink of it utterly repulse me, but I happen to be highly allergic to 99% of them. The same goes for perfume. I also do not like the idea of my SO covering up their personal (clean) scent. It would unnerve me to breathe deeply while snuggling him and get a whiff of disgusting, noseburning this-or-that rather than the way he usually is.
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I love the natural guys smell, but a bit of cologne doesn't hurt too!
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Oh yes, but not swimming in them. And it has to be elegant smelling.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
Most men put on too much of it. Some of them bother my sinuses. My husband just uses Old Spice. It has a clean fresh smell and doesn't make me sneeze.
Oooo. I LOVE Old Spice. I'm not sure what it is about that scent but Yummy. Even if I do feel strange saying that after my Grandfather wore it. Actually a couple of girl friends and myself had a conversation with some guys we knew and we all love Old Spice. The guys were really surprised that we all like it.

In general though I like cologne and perfume as long as it isn't too musky (which makes my nose itch and stop up) or smells too much like soap which is a big problem with today's colognes.
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
I don't like the stink of cologne. I'm one of those freaks who loves a man's "natural scent". Not B.O. or stinky stuff, but just the natural scent of a guy?

Pheramones? I'll take that over a bottle of spilled perfume any day!
Likewise Stephanie. Could it be because we're both dating outdoorsy guys and they smell the best?
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I loooove it!
But as some of you said, it gets gross when you were too much.
I can't stand Old Spice, that turns me right off!
Other than that, I love most of them. Too bad my dh won't wear them much, he gets head aces from them, + he can never get away from the smell himself... So I understand that part.
But before I had a boyfriend as a teenager, I used to go into stores and smell their men's colognes, and dream away about my future hero...

But I also like ladies' perfumes, if it's a good one I wonder what kind it is so I can get it for myself. I never wear perfume if I go to a singing practice or similar, because it can easily be too much for those who stand around me. It's just not fair to them, I think.
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Sorry if I offended anyone with my "not likeing Old Spice", I associate this scent with men who are old enough to be my grandpa, so naturally if turns me off. Often this scent is so heavily put on too, so that doesn't help it any. Didn't mean to offend anybody though...
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I love certain colognes, and others I cannot stand (mostly b/c they remind me of exes).

I'm more a fan of a guy who smells soapy, like Irish Spring or Axe. It's more subtle. My favorite, though, is just that natural "guy smell" that is unique to the guy. Bradley has an incredible (in a good way!) guy smell .
See, I like a dash of cologne mixed with the natural guy smell and the soapy smell...Ian is a combination of Old Spice deodorant and Calvin Klein Escape.

I also like Hugo Boss and Curve...but there's one that Abercrombie makes that, for no reason, has always made me want to puke.
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Never smelt "Lucky" before. I like it and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan so does my girlfriend. WOW!!!!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I don't like it when guys bathe in it! And it doesn't matter what scent it is - when it's too strong it's just gross.
my dad does this! i like Drakkar Noir, but i also really like any musky scents. but i prefer none to too much! gives me a headache!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Likewise Stephanie. Could it be because we're both dating outdoorsy guys and they smell the best?

you just like them cause they have had a chance to "air out"

Sorry I dont mean to offend, I like that smell too, but I just had to say it!
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Some men naturally smell better than others. Thank God, my BF smells great naturally, but I still like it when he wears "smell goods." Thats what he calls them. I like Stetson Country. Its outdoorsey, like my BF.

I love Halston (the men's kind) on either men or women.

I love "Design" for me. Will someone tell my BF that it would be a great Christmas present, please?
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I love good old Lynx spray!! Phworrrr
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All colognes and perfumes give me really bad headaches, especially when people put on way too much.
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Aqua Di Gio for sure! I love it!!! If Nate leaves for any extended time I'll spray it on stuff to remind me of him- i.e. a pillow. I also really love Romance for Men (and for women). Nate also wears Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Men, which I love. Curve is wonderful too!!
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Hmm yes it does make a man smell sexy
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ooooo yeah.......... Hugo Boss. Mmmmmmmm........... oh and unfortunately I seem to ahve a think for the Lynx bodysprays. I don't know what they put in those things, but they can bring me to my knees any time. My old boss used to wear a different one every day, just too watch me squirm. Horrible man!!!
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