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Hey Debby!

How did your amnio go? You had it yesterday didn't you? I hope everything went OK. When do you get the results?
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Ady!! Hi!!! Just now saw this thread!

The amnio went okay...it hurt, and the thought of that big long needle in me made it seem like two hours, instead of two minutes, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

The ultrasound shows I am having a girl, but when I get the results back from the amnio (in two weeks) that will confirm it for sure!!

It will also tell me if everything is okay, or if there is something wrong, like Down's syndrome, etc. I will breathe alot easier after the results are back!

Thanks for asking!
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Debby !! you're having a baby ?!?!

that's such beautiful news! i'm so happy for you


tell me everything!

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Thanks, Blue!! Not much to tell yet...I am due Aug. 1st, and so far so good!
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i know what this means to you, Debby, and i just wanted you to know i am thrilled for you.

love & blessings,
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Thank you, Blue...that is sweet of you! *hugs*
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