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Am I being silly?

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My boyfriend is coming to stay with me for the next on vacation - Loki has never met him before nor has he ever had to deal with a S/O before. Loki sleeps with me at night and as of yesterday has been very needy (he is my baby) - uping my feelings of guilt. I am worried how he is going to react.

I know I am probably over reacting however any suggestions would be welcomed????
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I can understand how on edge you must be! I am sure that Loki will surprise you and have a breat time with you and your boyfriend! Will your boufriend mind Loki sleeping with you?

Sending lots of 'hope it all goes well' }}}VIBES{{{
and calming to you!

I'm sure it'll go great!
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Just a couple of thoughts...Do not in any way force introductions. How is your little boy usually with strangers? If Loki wants to hide in the other room for a while, allow him to do so until he feels comfortable. First intros should be at eye level with Loki. Even better would be Loki being higher than your BF. Height is status to cats, and he is likely to be intimidated by the big man who has suddenly arrived in his territory. Tell your BF not to stare at him, this is seen as confrontational, but perhaps to look at him, blink a few times, then look away.

If Loki should go to hide, after a while, you and your BF may want to sit in the floor in the room with him and speak softly. Just allow him to come out in his own good time. Perhaps Loki isn't one to go hide, in this case, I still feel it's very important, especially if your baby isn't used to being around men (for instance, Sierra is afraid of men), to have him speak in a soft a voice, not a whisper, just gently, from the time he arrives to your home. If Loki will go for it, let your BF serve him his meals, give him treats, etc. That should help win your baby's approval for sure!

Super important is to not allow Loki to feel left out in the least! Make sure he gets every bit of the attention he's used to having, if not more. If the two of you have special routines, stick to them as closely as possible.

Hope all goes well, and I look forward to hearing about it! Enjoy your special time!
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Whenever someone new comes into the house I usually tell them to ignor Loki - he always comes around on his own time (most of the time within a few minutes) to check out the new person - he is quite the nosy fellow *LoL*. He generally likes people and never had a bad experience with anyone - so I don't think "men" are a problem. But Loki is not used to sharing me and that is why I am a little concerned about him being jealous.

My SO grew up with cats but they were barn cats so he has a different perception of cats and still needs to learn about the kind of relationship I have with Loki. I have tried to explain it to him a few times and I think he understands.

I am NOT changing my routine with him - I know that is very important and maybe he will decide to join us at night (I hope so). I will make sure he has a few very comfortable places around the house with a t-shirt or sweat shirt that I have worn in case he is not comfortable and would rather sleep somewhere else.

Must say I am anxious and guilt feeling are a Cat 10 and all I can do is hope they get along or at least tolerate each other!!!
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Oh and if my SO will go for it I have him brush Loki with the ZOOM GROOM his most favorite thing in the world!!!
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I hope all works out well for all 3 of you!
We worried about this when our son moved back home last spring after school was out. (He`d never met the new "boys" before. )We had no need to worry....they both like him as well as, if not better than they do us!
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My boyfriend stays at my place probably 3 nights a week. At first; he had to get used to the idea that my cats sleep with me, especially, Snickers. I had to explain quite a few things to him about the "hows and whys" I am so close to my cats, why they have free-run of my house (countertops, dining table, etc.) and that as my boyfriend, he has NO SAY in how I run my house...

... like how the cats crawl up & sleep on HIM. He woke up the other morning and found Hammie between his legs, Snickers & Zorro by his feet and Dusty curled around his bald head!

My cats didn't get jealous or weird or anything about my boyfriend... they took to him like glue. He's having his own issues adjusting to sleeping with cats & seeing me holding Snickers so much, but he's getting used to it. Or else... to the curb he goes...

Hope your stay with your boyfriend goes smoothly! Just rememeber to lavish Loki with attention and tell your boyfriend to lavish him, too.
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