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GMail - Like it or not?

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I really like Google's email GMail - however it seems too good to be true. I just can't beleive something that good is free. I am afraid if I start using it for my main email address - that they will start charging or say "Oh well, lets cut it off since it is a financial drain"

Do you like it? What do you thinks the pros and cons are?

If you've never tried it and are curious, you need to get an invite to get a Gmail invite. IM me with your current email and I will send you an invite.
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I actually just switched to Gmail not too long ago, from Hotmail. I really like it! I especially like the fact that you NEVER have to delete emails(which is great when storing pictures), the storage capacity is almost unlimited, you can actually watch it rise. They also have great ways to organize and locate specific emails. I would defintely recommend it!
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I love it too, but I don't use it as my primary account. I've found it extremely nice to have for those times when I know I'm expecting large attachments (or I want to send a large attachment to myself from one computer to another).
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I have no idea what it is! Never even head of it.
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I started using it as an address for people to send me photos for sigs as it allows big attachments and loved it, I still use my ISP addy as my primary, but sent myself an invite to use it as a main email address for friends etc. And now that they have the MSN messenger type service to go with it, I love it!
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I love it. I send and receive a lot of large attachments in my work, and this was the first email system that allowed them. I find that the "down" times are way less than a lot of the other free webmail programs I had used.

I also love the search functions. It uses the google search algorithm, and I find that invaluable for finding email that I need, weeks after it arrived. And I find it very very easy to label messages without having to move them to sub directories.
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Me either...I`ve never even heard of it....but I can see it must be pretty populiar with those that do use it....check out the poll !
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I also have lots of invites left if anyone wants to try it - you can't just sign up to it yet
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I like it a lot. At first, I thought it was too simplistic and not 'fancy' enough, because I really like features, but they managed to stuff it full of features w/o making it slow. I made my main gmail address my main address period, after having used my ISP address for 7 years--which was a tough decision because not only does almost everyone I've ever known know my old email address, but I had Amanda@ because my roommate runs the ISP and he could make it whatever (sorry old Amanda!), which was really easy for telling people. Of course Amanda@gmail was taken. I still have the old one, but I only check it about once a month.

My favorite feature is the tagging & starring. I can easily keep track of online orders with a "shopping" tag and then I delete them when they arrive. Stars are cute and I track important conversations with them. Oh, wait, my absolute favorite is the way it puts all the conversations in a pile and you can reply by typing on the bottom, sort of like the quick reply here.
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I have an account, but I don't use it all that often. I can't access any type of web-based email at work. And I use my primary address at home. Judging by the price of Google's stock, I don't see them charging anytime soon! They seem to be making money just fine as they are.
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i use gmail as my primary account, i started using it when my hotmail went down, about a year ago.. i wasnt able to send emails anymore and all of a sudden, i get a msg from gmail saying that i was finally able to sign up after joining one of their member sites wanting g mail!

I like it alot, but i do use my hotmail and yahoo to receive other things
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I use hotmail as a junkmail addy - it is down too much lately to bother with it for anything else
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I have two gmail accounts now, one of which I use for TCS stuff, and another I use for school matters. They're not my primary accounts, but I have the emails I receive forwarded from the gmail accounts to the primary one, so that I don't miss them, and reply from the google accounts. What I love about gmail is the "conversations", i.e., the emails you exchange with another party are stored together. I have several invitations to gmail, so if anybody would like one, send me an email at
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Those invites are pretty fluid now a days. It used to be that I would have 1 or 2 - depending on the whim of the Google admins. Right now? I have 99.
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Every time I use mine they seem to give me double the amount I use back so I have more than I started with - right now I have 99 too
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Oh yes, I love gmail as well - i love their features and they are always adding new features! I also have 100 invites for it so if anyone wants it, go ahead and PM me LOL!
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Not interested in trying it. It pretty much does the same things as my e-mail address through my website, so it would just be redundant.
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I love it...I hate deleting mail and am often having large sound files mailed to me. Gmail is kind of exactly what the doctor ordered for someone like me.

And if anyone is interested, I have about eleventy billion invites...PM me if you want one!
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I am interested in trying it, but don't really have time right now. It sounds cool!
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I also have 100 invites to spare, if anyone would like one.
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I have too G-Mail but prefer to use my other web account because of privacy concerns as I am not entirely comfortable with Gmail scanning of my emails.

Besides other free web providers such as yahoo offers up to 1GB which is less than Gmail but I doubt I will ever reach that amount.
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I just checked my accounts, and can offer 200 invitations! So much for gmail being "exclusive"! I can even offer foreign-language accounts. When I first signed up, I understood that my gmails would be scanned, and that I would get "appropriate" advertising, but thus far that hasn't happened. Has anybody gotten pop-ups, etc., because they're using gmail?
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I have it set up for my tcs mail and for storage perposes, but really prefer my yahoo account.
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No pop ups that I have seen.
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I've never heard of it!

I only have internet access at work where I use my work email, but when I get my new computer for my house at Christmas then I will look into sounds really nice though-especially for those large files thru email, I hate when they are too big to store!!
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I love gmail! The storage space is a major plus, the site is rarely down, and I love the conversation threads aspect of it. The search feature is great too. I still use my hotmail address for junk (like when I sign up for something online) but use gmail as my primary address for people I know.
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I like it.
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