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Getting Worried now.....

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Hi all, recently my little girl Shandy has gone "missing", she was last with us on Saturday night, so it has now been 4 days since we last saw her, now if this was any of my other cats I'd be in major panic by now, BUT Shandy is semi feral and has done this quite often before - though not for some time. Im getting really worried about her now as she had started to get into the habit of coming inside evrey evening - even waiting for us at the front door.... I wasn't too surprised when she wasn't there the other day as she is a very independent cat who often goes her own way, but as I said - we haven't seen her for four days now Im really concerned. She has been spayed and she is around a year and half old, and a semi feral (by that I mean she will come in the house occasionally, and let you pet her - but if she doesn't want petting you will NOT get near her, she also much prefers to spend all ehr time outside roaming and hunting)

Anyway.... any suggestions as to what I should do or why she has decided not to come back yet???? We will be moving house soon and I will be devastated if we don't find her before we go
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have food out for her or a piece of your clothing? I hope you find her.... Is the weather getting better over there, because my cat has been staying out with the nice weather and all.....
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Oh Rhea, I'm so sorry. I would try and put something out that is very fishy to tempt her to come home and a sweaty sweat-shirt for her to pick up your scent. Also, you might try going outside late at night when it's quite (it's easier to listen for them and for them to hear you). If you go out late one night I would bring a container of food to shake to see if that might help. Have you asked any of your neighbors if they have seen her? What about putting up some posters?

Just trying to help with as many suggestions I can think of. I'll send kitty come home vibes your way.
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"We will be moving house soon and I will be devastated if we don't find her before we go"

Have you gotten Shandy back yet?

I wonder if your house packing and disruption of routine may have made her nervous. I counsel owners of lost cats and in my experience the most common event that triggers a runaway cat is a house move.. . .usually, though, it is after the move rather than prior, when kitty doesn't consider new house part of territory and goes out looking for old house. My guess is that since your kitty is more skittish than others, just the packing up and disruption may have triggered her anxiety.

I would do as other have suggested and go out late at night with a plate of really yummy (and strong smelling) food that you know she likes. . .and sit there quietly. Most likely she is very near by -- but just doesn't want to come in.

Best of luck. . . I hope you find your kitty real soon.
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Thanks for your replies all.... I still haven't seen her I thought it could be because of the move that made her run off, but then I remebered we hadn't even started packing or anything the last time we saw her, so I just don't know... I guess hse might have sensed something was amiss???
The trouble with putting out smelly food for her is that there are TONS of cats that roam around outside and I think they are likely to eat it before she even gets a whiff of it! We have to chase them off as it is just for dry food!,But I think I will still give it a try, along with the "stinky" t-shirt.
I have asked most of my neighbours but no-one has seen her - also we have her brother who looks EXACTLY the same as her - only I can tell the difference!! Not even hubby can half the time! So I don't know whether posters would help - though it IS worth a try. Im going to go out looking tonight with a torch - scan the fields that are behind us, check bushes etc...
We recently got two new cats (about 4-5 months ago)one an 8 yr old male Maine Coon, and a kitten of 2 months old - she did take time to adjust to them, but she had started to snuggle up with them and genreally put up with them. Do you think this might have been part of the problem?

I'll let you know if we make any progress, thanks all!
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Take care of yourself if you're going to be roaming about at night!
Do any of your neighbors feed the strays? Maybe your Shandy is doing a little exploring and has found take away meals .
Even a fairly established, well fed, fixed cat can stray. I remember when one of my indoor/outdoor kitties went missing for several days. My family found out from a neighbor that a lady down the hill - a few houses away through some woods - had sometimes fed the cat when she saw him roaming around and she had decided to try and keep the cat. I guess the safety collar wasn't a clue that he belonged to someone (I had just gotten him used to a collar so I hadn't put any ID on him yet) .
Now I only have one indoor kitty so I haven't had to think about a cat going missing.
You must have so many worries with your stray babies. I hope that you find Shandy!
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Thanks Vikki - it ceratinly is a possibility that she has been "Catnapped" so to speak - we have a lot of cat lovers in our neighbourhood!! I shall go a little further tonight to see if anyone has her/has been feeding her/seen her. Hopefully I will find something. (I have to say though, I will be so annoyed if someone has decided to keep her!!! She has a collar with my name and address on it and there are plenty of stray kitties that need a home - there is even a rescue centre at the end of our road!!! Still... she IS one of the cutest cats EVER... so I guess I could understand.... just hope they don't try to stroke her belly!!! OUCH!! hee hee)
Oooo my poor baby.... every day I hope when I get home from work she'll be waiting at the door as usual....
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You said you have fields behind your house. Are there any wild animals in the area like racoons or foxes she could have been in a fight with?
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Lorie, no, don't think so, its part of a massive golf course so its very bare and open, no-where for animals like that to hide/sleep, its just a great big expanse of grass..... no hills.... no burrows.... no bushes!! Just a few really tall thin trees that are spaced out miles apart.
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HI ALL!!!!!! Just wanted to pop in quick (Cos Im on the home comp) to tell you that my wish came true tonight!!! I got home from work and Shandy came running round the corner mewing at th etop of her voice at me!!! HOOOORAY!!!! So shes back!! YIPEEEE!!!! Must go.... got a lost kitty to snuggle!!!
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YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear that your Furbaby came home!!! Whos happier, her or you?? :LOL:
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That's Awesome! I have a cat that stays out for 3 days in a row sometimes, so I kinda know how you felt. I get worried about him too, but He always comes home!

:tounge2: :egypt: :icecream: :flash: :laughing:
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Thank god - what a relief - a furangle must have been looking out for her - I would be in an insane asylum by now. That is the exact reason why my boy stays inside - could not handle it if
he would not come home.
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ALRIGHTY THEN! AWESOME! now lock her up :tounge2: :tounge2: :angel2:
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I'm soooo happy for you and Shandy! ! !
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That's great news!
Now, let us know when you get the story out of her as to where she has been and what she's been up to .
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Rhea, I am so happy for you. It is such a heartache when one of our babies is missing. I think I'd keep her inside now until you move, and then, if you decide to EVER let her outside again ( bad baby, for worrying mother to death!), keep her inside for a loo--oo--ng time. I am overjoyed! YES!!!!!!!!!!!:flash: :flash: :flash:
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