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Licking and Purring in my hair!

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I'm the proud owner of a 6 week old female kitten, she's very well behaved and seems to have adjusted well (she's been with me for 5 days).

One habit she seems to have picked up though is getting a bit annoying!...

At night (usually in the middle of the night or very early morning) she starts to burry her head in my hair while purring as loud as she can and then sharts to either lick or suck my hair!

I've been told that its because she's very young and thats normally how she would get milk from her mother and she's simply substituted me for her mother and therefore carried on her behaviour with me.

Is this right? has anyone else experienced this?

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YOU ARE the momma! It`s a sign that she`s accepted you as such!
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Treasure these moments while you still can, this behavior wont normally go on much longer. One day you will suddenly realize that she hasn't done this for quite some time. It is a comforting process for your kitten, sounds like you have a winner.
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Serenity is 19 weeks and still does this several time nightly. Sierra is over 11 years young and still wakes me up kneading on my chest or touching my face with her paws, one at a time. This is such precious love! As was previously posted, treasure each and every moment! You are your kitten's Mommy!
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This is perfectly normal for your kitty especially with her being only 6 weeks old. My kitty Murphy is 4 months and he still does this, I have a really soft fleece blanket balled up by me in the bed and when this gets under my nerves I put him on the blanket and he does this until he goes to sleep You are the mommy now
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My Rainbow Bridge cat Snoopy did that up to the last year of his life, and he lived to be 20 years old.
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Yup, mine both do this too and they are 6 months old
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My cat K.C. is 12 years old. Every single night, and I mean EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!... she drools, licks, chews my hair, does circles in it and then, nests in it. She will stay ON MY HAIR all night.

Well, til Dusty pushes her out of the way & does her own drooly nest...

It's a momma-thing alright. They both nuzzle my scalp & sleep in my hair.

Your kit will prolly do this her whole life! So love it lots & get used to it!!!
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i have a four-year-old male cat who still does this, but i also have a three-and-a-half-month-old female kitten who has already stopped. *shrug* it just depends on the kitty. i always feel special when i get a bath and a massage, though!
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