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Our D.T. for Wednesday

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Hi everyone!

knock on wood.....it looks like things are fixed

What's everyone been up to? Feel like it's been ages! Nothing new going on here. It's been a typical week pretty much.

Just wanted to say hi!
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Morning all!

Hey AP - aren't you going to the Grammys tonight? If so have a great time. I am so glad the site seems to be working now!

I seem to be feeling a little better today - I think I had food poisoning - I am back at work today. Hopefully the day is good and not too busy as I am not in the mood to think!

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Well, the doctor said I'd be feeling better today, but she was wrong. Actually, my sinuses are feeling a bit better, but my ear is worse. It feels like there's a ton of water in it, and it's ringing constantly. I have fluid leaking out of it all the time, so that can't be good either. I wish it would hurry up and heal, because I'm not a very good mom when I'm sick.

I'm taking the kids to Chickfila today for lunch with some friends. They need to get out of the house soooooo bad. They've been cooped up here since last week, and they're getting stir crazy. Poor things don't understand why I just want to lay on the couch.

I'm also going to do laundry today. What fun, but poor Adam is on his last pair of undies. And that's not a good thing with a little boy who recently potty trained!

I hope everyone has a great day! It's so nice to have our site back.
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Hi everyone! It is cold (like 5 degrees with the windchill) and snowing flurries here this morning. Brrrr...hopefully today will be a good day. I'm glad to see that everything is back to normal again. Have a good day everyone!
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Oh I am so glad things seem to be back to normal. I have missed you all so much! Right now we have a Canadian front which made the low for this morning 22, setting a new record, and it is still in the 20's. We are supposed to make it up to 50 later today (it only made it up to 44 yesterday) and then back in the 20's over the night. I love cold weather like this but weather here is so wacky! Over the weekend we had temperatures in the upper 70's! Still trying to figure out what to do about a cat tree. I took hubby to Petsmart & Petco over the weekend to look at them and he was flabergasted by the prices. He said that he would rather buy the materials and build one rather than me buying one. We'll see, I'm not very patient and I want one now and don't want to have to wait for him to build one. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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Last night I passed the dreaded Math Test! So today I am not looking at a math problem! I am going to continue clean-up on the property, and hopefully ride Racer as it is supposed to get into the 60's today! Mike hurt himself yesterday at Home Depot. He was walking across the parking lot and he heard something pop in his foot. So he has been off his foot now since then, and NO he won't go to the doctors! What is with some men anyway? His kids tell me to pop him over the head with a 2x4 and drag him to the hospital or doctor's office, they tell me, MA, it's the only way! I sure believe that!

So glad the board is back, missed all of you.
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Gosh, ady and dawn, I'm sorry you both have been feeling a bit under the weather! I hope you get that ear / sinus infection cleared up soon, dawn ~ those are NO FUN! And ady, I know all about food poisoning... I was one of the lucky ones that came down with E~Coli a couple of years back. Ugh.

Hissy, Congrats on the math test! We all knew you could do it.

Spooky and sfell, the same cold front (or so I hear ~ what do the weather reporters know, anyway???) is effecting us up here, too. It is sooo chilly! Especially compared to last week when it was in the 50's (when it wasn't snowing!). The weather this winter has been SO strange here!

Hi AP! (I didn't want you to feel left out! LOL!)

I'm having a really good day. I can't go into detail without taking up about an hour of everyone's time, but it sure is nice to hear when you're appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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I missed you all too.

Hissy- Do you have test anxiety? I do. Whenever I have to take a test, I try to procrastinate. I don't know how to study. I took my Intermediate Word quiz on Merging documents(I like it) and got an 85%. I will be taking my production test nest week. This is were I have to do everything I learned so far on the computer. So far, I have learned bookkeeping, ten-key, data entry, English Communication, Beginning Word, and Customer service. Now, I am learning Intermediate Word and Office procedures. I will be learning Excel and Powerpoint really soon. I have to take spelling tests. I have no problem. I am an excellent speller(not to be bragging). The ten-key and the bookkeeping are the hardest. Too many numbers and math.

I didn't go job hunting, but I will go next Monday. I have to take many buses to get there. Hopefully when I start to work, I can buy me an affordable car and maybe find a place to live closer to it. I am trying to get into housing. Hopefully I can get a house soon.

Rascal is getting into trouble. Do any of your cats like to knock their water bowl and spill all their water? I do believe I have a monkey not a cat. He now climbs all over the place. Will be neutering soon. I couldn't find the phone number for the info on the $10.00 neutering, so I have to settle for $32 at the Humane Society. I am going to buy one of those water dispensers I've seen at Petco and Petsmart. That way he won't spill his water. I am also considering buying him a food dispenser. I think he has worms again because he's been eating alot. I thought the Iams was supposed to minimize his hunger. Or maybe he is growing and his appetite is growing. When I take him to get neutered, I will also check for worms. Gosh, I wish I was a vet. I will be posting more pictures of Rascal and me so you will all know what I look like. Just don't get scared!

It is a beautiful day. The sun is out and its a clear sky, but its also windy and frigid.

They are cleaning up all the stuff from the Olympics. I feel a little sad. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. We still have to deal with the Paraolympics which come in March.

I did tell you that they disqualified three olympians for using drugs during competition. One Spaniard man and two Russian women who won medals in the cross-country skiing.
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Hi! Good to see you all this morning! Sorry Ady and Dawn that you haven't been feeling well.

I have to stay home from work today....ya, like that's a bad thing...NOT. :LOL:

I had my amnio yesterday at the hospital. I won't find out the results for two weeks. It hurt, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

The ultrasound showed I am having a girl!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!! But I will know for absolute sure when the amnio results get back, and also if there are any abnormalities. keep your fingers crossed that everything will be okay!!
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Yeah Debby! Girls are so much fun! I love my boy too, but girls are just so great. Plus, they usually become a great friend once grown (as opposed to most boys who never remember to call home). I hope your test results are fine, I'm sure they will be. Maybe they'll come back faster than expected.

I got to go back to the doctor this morning since I was feeling worse. My ear drum hasn't burst, but it isn't vibrating at all. The doctor ran a test that sees how much vibration it has, and it was a flat line. Bummer. No wonder it feels so bad. The doctor was suprised that I was worse, so I got to get an antibiotic shot. Plus if I'm not improved by tomorrow, I get to go back and get a steriod shot. It's NOT FUN going to the doctor with two small kids, especially when we had to wait for an hour and a half. I just want to feel normal again!
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Debby, I am sure glad your amnio went well. What did I tell you girl? Just a walk in the park!!!!

Ap, are you going to the Grammy's? I remember you posting that you were....maybe thats why you aren't answering! You are probably mingling with the stars as we speak!!

Dawn and Ady, sorry your not feelign well. We went thru this last week....both kids sick and me too. It was rough. And I just found out today that one of the kids I do daycare for has strep throat. I only hope we don't get sick again! What a bummer that would be. We are finally healthy after nearly 2 weeks of illness.

Oh, I am excited. My licensing for my home daycare came thru today!!!!!!! I am so happy, its been a long road with a lot of work to get here!!
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Ady, I didn't end up going to the grammies. They didn't send anyone from our MD office. It only made sense if we could do a label run while we were out there, and it's a bad week and not many are going to be in the office. I'm actually glad I didn't have to go to LA after spending 3 days in San Fran. I'm tired and want to be in my own bed! Anyway, I've been before to the grammies and I'll get the chance to go again, so I'm just happy to get to be a homebody this week.

Dawn, I hope they can give you something to make you feel better quick! I really sympathize with your ear infection. I HATE them.

Hi Nena! Welcome back!

Debby, that is wonderful news!! So glad you are going to get the little girl you've been hoping for.

Congrats MA! I knew you could do it!

Sabra, I'm so happy that the kitties get to come out and be with you guys. They are going to be so happy.

Spooky, it's cold here too, but not THAT cold! brrr

Jin, Hi!

hope it was a great day for all....I'm heading out of here shortly to do some grocery shopping and to go tanning!
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