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New coat

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Well it doesn't have four legs, but it is nice and furry and it is cat related-

My coat for the upcoming Cat Writers' Convention next month in San Francisco

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cool coat, i likes it a lot :-)

stylish yet informative!
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oooo I like it.....

What's it made out looks soft and it warm???
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Oooo, it's so fantastic, MA!
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It sheds just like my cat! lol I didn't even look to see what it was made out of- but it is very soft and very warm and oh so comfortable. Plus now it is a walking billboard for two websites-
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Well i think it looks super I am glad it is....

and nothing beats free advertising...imagine all those people who will see that........They will say to themselves..."Hey I like cats....I have 4....I should take a look at these sites and find out what they are about".....

Oh and enjoy your trip.....
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That's excellent!
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Great coat!
Have a wonderful time!!!
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Great coat, MA!

It looks fantastic - i'm sure you'll look great at the convention and you'll be advertising in a simply yet aesthetic way!!
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This looks very nice, I hope it is not made of the natural leather...
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Looks great!
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I didn't think they wore coats in Ca.
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Great idea & looks good too.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
I didn't think they wore coats in Ca.

It is not a heavy coat and I used to live in Southern California, trust me, you wear coats, especially in the winter time
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Wow-that is great!!
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I see there is some room for a couple more sites on there MA, any plans for new additions in the future?
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No I think that would be overkill My briefcase has on it- lol I think I am covered.

If anyone would like a sweatshirt with our logo here on it, you can contact me via PM or email. Send me the shirt and I will take it over and have it done- cost would be $20.00 all proceeds go to TCS
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