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Every one of my kitties are different. But cats in general have this revolving personality-they are completely independent (in their own minds anyway) but they love the attention and pampering that we give them.

Peter - He was hard to love because he was so violent at first but we share such a bond for having stuck through the difficult times. We talk daily (yes, I am fluent in cat ). When he isn't feeling well, he wants to be close to me even if it just sitting in the same room. His "I am yours and you have to love me and take care of me even if I am rotten" attitude just can't be missed and shows in those gorgeous yellow-green eyes. He also our snake killer and general all around attack cat.

Snow - He was very lovey-dovey when he was younger, but even though he is a tad grumpier now (he growls like a dog, a lot) he is still beautiful (solid snow white with golden eyes) and we love him.

Angel - What's not to love with her? She is a complete lovey-dovey. She is a beautiful bright calico. But she just goes wild when you say "I'm gonna get the spot!" Which refers to the golf ball size gray spot in the middle of her pure white tummy.

Leighia - Is our baby! She has the most awesomely beautiful topaz blue eyes that I have ever seen and the softest creamy fur with dusty brown tail and ears. She is lovey-dovey bug with us. But she is her "imperial highness" to the other cats with her strutting past and flicking her tail in their faces. You can just see their annoyance!

Each of the others are equally as quirky but they are outside cats. Living with a cat is just so much different. My best friend and I used to joke about crazy little old ladies that wore big hats and had a dozen cats. Never dreamed that I would be one!
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Oliver looks pretty darn cute!!!
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It's definitely the unconditional love that melts my heart when it comes to my girls. No matter how bad my day was they always make me smile. It's always comforting just to have them snuggled up next to me. A little purring, kneading and headbutting and the worries of the day are gone.
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This is such a wonderful question! One kitty at a time:

Big grey tabby with golden eyes, feline head of my parents' household, a very dignified cat -- except when he's sleepy, and then he sprawls his 20-pound self flat in the middle of the floor with all four paws up in the air and his big fluffy tummy turned skyward. Dignity schmignity!

Gorgeous glamour kitty, longhaired calico with little white paws and huge pale gold eyes. Her fur is so soft you almost can't tell she's there. When she is confronted with a closed door, she settles her voluptuous little self down in front of it and waits for you to come along. Then she stretches up, bracing one paw on the door, and leans backward to reach imploringly toward you with her free paw, those beautiful eyes all wide and innocent as she mews plaintively for entry. She's irresistible!

Abby is my parents' recluse kitty, a pathologically shy and fearful little Holstein girl with light green eyes. We think she was feral for the first 18 months of her life, and it's only through the committed, loving effort of my mom that Abby can be handled at all. When we have to take her to the vet, she's almost impossible to catch -- but once I have her in my arms, she curls against me and buries her little face under my hair, bless her heart. I wish we could ease her terror...but apparently all we can do is love her, and we surely do.

Clyde was one of the first kittens I met at the shelter where I volunteer. I started volunteering because my living situation didn't allow me to have any cats of my own, so it was a good way to spend time with kitties. Clydie was eight weeks old, a mostly-white Holstein (Abby's son, in fact -- long story), and there was something about his sweet little face, his big sea-green eyes, his little pink nose...he would sleep in my arms for an hour at a time, and he loved it when I sang to him. And he had the sweetest habit of stretching up to give me a nosekiss every now and then! I was a goner. I changed my whole life and moved to a new place so I could adopt him. And to this day, one little nosekiss from Clydie and my heart just overflows. :-)

Pearl is a little grey kitty with faint tabby markings and the most unusual fur -- not especially long, but with long pale flyaway guard hairs, and her tail is so extravagant that I call her Pearl The Squirrel. :-) Her eyes are the biggest, roundest eyes I've ever seen, green with rings of gold. For the first couple of weeks, I was so focused on making sure she and Clyde got along that I didn't really pay much attention to developing my OWN relationship with her. But then one day, I got a bad phone call and ended up crying as I spoke on the phone. Little Pearl came over and jumped onto my lap, put her paws on my chest, and gazed soulfully into my eyes. Then she patted my cheek and began to lick the tears away.

So you see why I'm so in love.

Sorry for the length of this post...I swear, I really did leave out some stuff! :-)
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