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Why do you love your kitty(ies)?

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everyone has that one special thing that their kitty/ kitties do that make you nuts about them... what does your kitty do that makes you nuts? (in a good way?)

I love how macaroni curls up with me on the cold nights and snuggles up on my shoulder/ neck/ checst. He purrs and tries to get as close to me as he can... *sighs*
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I just need to say one word and you'll know what I mean...................stalker
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I love their stupidity.

There's nothing more entertaining then watching two kittens chase each other around the room, jumping over obstacles, tackling each other, and most of the time one ends up chasing the other, slides down the bare floor and goes head first into the bed leg...

Another thing is when I wake up in the middle of the night and straight at me I see this gray blob looking and breathing at my face, going "Purrrrrrrrrr".
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One of my Siameses yowdy who comes up purring and puts his head down and bump bumps at my face he wants to be kissed on the top of the head....

Yowdys the bigger siamese the other one is Lily
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Aww! That is so sweet. My RB kitty, Fred did that his whole life. He loved to be kissed on the top of his little head. Then he would curl up in a ball and trust me to catch him and hold him like a baby.
Pepper gives the sweetest hugs. She will wrap her paws around my neck and tuck her head under my chin.
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Clinton wakes me every morning (10 minutes before the alarm) with big kissies, follows me to the door when i have to leave, and greets me back at the door kneading my legs when i get home. He makes getting up in the morning one of the best parts of my day, second only to coming home to him! those furbabies!
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Its the unconditional love that they give you in return. No matter how you feel, how bad your day was or how you look they love you no matter what(well, as long as you put down some cat food )
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But my permanent furever buddies are Sean Paul, Love Bug and Hiwa. Sean Paul is my big oaf kitty. All he wants in life is to climb on me when I go to bed, knead my neck and purr at me while I pet him. I love to bury my face in him and sniff. (Okay so I'm weird too LOL ) Love Bug loves to talk to me when she's unhappy about something - usually that I've brought in more fosters. She also loves to snuggle me in the bed, on the couch, wherever. Hiwa is my Annalyssa reincarnated, I just know it. He's just as neurotic and dorky as she was, a huge bowling ball fluffer boy who LOVES my (ewwwwww dirty!!!!) underwear and used to follow me around like a puppy dog and crawl up on my shoulder.
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Luci has a habit of coming up to me--whereever I am at the time--and stretching up and looking all adorable, like he wants to be part of everything and can I scratch him. It's hard to explain. Basically he'll just come up, stand up and stretch as far up to me as possible, and mrr. And he'll do it until I give him cuddles or something. Then he'll go away again.

Sometimes he stops playing or wakes up or whatever, just to come do this. Then he goes back to bed.

Weird boy. <3
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walking into the kitchen and having Ted Brogan follow me to the fridge, I'll ask him if he wants a cat treat and he will say "mrrrrrreoooow"

most of the nights he hogs my pillow, and it can't be any other pillow than the one i currently have my head on.


and the fact he answers questions.

whenever we go out to wal-mart i will ask him if he wants to go.
he says "meow" then i tell him sorry they don't accept hott tufts of fur in thier store.
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Because they love me!! We have a beautiful, trusting, loving relationship and spend all our time together when I'm home...they make me smile no matter how I'm feeling, and they look after me as much as I look after them.

No home is complete without a little, warm, furry, purring kitty-kat (or five)
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Having read everybody's replies to this I'm agreeing with you all and finding it very difficult to find just one thing that makes me love my kitten!
I love the way he jumps in the bath as soon as Im out of the shower and how he climbs onto my chest in the night and rubs his face on my face! and how whenever my boyfriend gets out of the shower, and sits on the bed with a towel round his waist, Sleeves runs over to him and lies down on his lap (think he likes the damp towel or something...) and how HYPER he gets over stupid things that you give him to play with, like cable ties and things like that. He gets more excited about the things you give him from around the house rather than his own toys. OOOOOh this is making me want to leave work and go home and give him a huge cuddle!
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Guess I just have a "mothering instinct".....since all my people-kids have grown up, having my "kat-kids" lets me mother again.
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I love all cats, not just mine. My Speedboat loves me better than Muffin or my RB cat, Max. He just rubs all over me. When I sit down, he jumps in my lap, curls around, puts his nose between my knees or under my arm and goes to sleep. I love Muffin because he is so sweet and cuddly. He goes docile when you hold him. When I was a kid, I tried to put my baby clothes on the cat and ride him in the doll stroller. I wish I had owned Muffin then. He would have stayed there instead of jumping out like all my cats did then.
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I love how Ariel (our new kitten) chases imaginary bugs in the air and across the floor for hours.

I love how Dusty sits at my feet and waits with the most loving eyes in the world for you to tell him to come on. He will jump in your lap and snuggle forever.
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I love my cats for all sorts of reasons, & I also love my mom's cats (she has 3!).

There's loads of reasons, each pertaining to their specific personalities or stuff they do. But mainly it's cuz they are non-judgemental, they love ME back unconditionally, and they are always there to offer up a purr & a headbutt when I need it.
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It really is tough to pin it down to one or two things, isn't it?

I love how both my cats are so incredibly sensitive to my moods, especially when I have one of my all-too-frequent migraines and they follow me from room-to-room to make sure I'm okay. I love how Spike walks around with his tongue protruding slightly from his mouth (he's done this since he was a kitten, and he looks like such a dork!). I love how Oz lets me hug him, and leans into the hug and purrs like a maniac the entire time. I love how insanely, incredibly trusting Spike is: I can wear him around my shoulders like a stole, and his father can play "flip the kitty" (it sounds awful but it's really not, and it's hard to describe, but Spike comes back for more every time), and even random strangers who come to the apartment are meant to be loved on. I love how Oz looks at me when I talk to him, and studies me intently, and makes me believe he understands every single word I say. I love how they both come to me or their father the instant something startles them, as if they know instinctively that we would never let anything bad happen to them. Most of all, I love that they chose us at the Humane Society: both of them reached through the bars of their cage and wrapped their little forepaws around my arm and wouldn't let go. I knew those cats had to come home with us!
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Bijou - because of his amazing temperament and disposition and the fact that he loves all of us and isn't a one-person cat.

Mika - because she is small, dainty and has the same wonderful temperament and is nanny's little princess.
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I love how Bella will see me coming down the hall and starts running so I will chase. I say 'Im gonna come get the kitty!!' and she zips zips to her bed and curls her head under her arm and shows her belly so I can kiss her all over. I also love our bedtime routine where I say 'go get ready for bed' and she goes potty, eats some treats and washes and then when I am in bed w/ the lights off, she JUMPS up trying to scare me, then cuddles under my arm for bedtime. She stays almost the whole night silently breathing by my face.
Trixie is new, but I love how she lays down for pets and likes to sleep on my hand. And my favorite is her looking for my bare feet (she meows when I have shoes on!) and then licks my toes and washes 'em. Or when she holds my hand with her paw and falls asleep with it. So many sweet moments..
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It is hard to pick one thing, so here's 3 I love that my cat head-butts and touches noses with me when I come home, he plays fetch, and he comes when I call him! If I call him from another room, he comes to me and meows, like he's saying well-what do you want?
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I love Zakk b/c when he gives affection it is very sweet. He does the kneading thing and purrs a very special purr. He is also very smart!
I love Rocky b/c he lets me know that he needs me! He sometimes jumps on my leg and lets out the most pathetic meow. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses first thing in the morning. He is a big overgrown kitten. He is also very motherly to the kittens and gives baths.
So far Suzie is still shy, but I love how cute she is and the way she bats at toys. Jelly isn't staying w/ us much longer, but he is typical wild goofy kitten and is very purry and cute. My friend should be happy when he arrives.
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chase - even when he was VERY sick, he was still the same sweet kitty, and he didn't get mad at me for having to give him shots. in fact, we developed a routine where i'd sit in the floor in a particular place and call him and pat the floor, and he'd come right on over and lay down. it was as thuogh he knew i was trying to help him. oh, and he tries to give me a bath! whenever i sit on the couch or lay in bed, he'll start licking my hair, like i'm a cat!

heidi - i love the way she walks around the house looking for david (my husband) and crying if he's working late, or how she'll go to the edge of the bed and "yell" if david gets out of bed once we've seemingly settled in for the night.

ricki (the baby) - even though she's 3 1/2 months old, she still mews like a baby. she's very talkative and it just sounds so sweet.
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what a cute picture of bella!!!!
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how do you get pictures of your kitty on there? do you have to pay?
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I love that Reilly spends all of his time with me. He sits with me all the time, sleeps with me at night and I love the way he looks into my eyes, I can tell that he loves me as much as I love him.
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I love my little Tinkerbell the way she just plops down on my chest or my side on her back and then tilts her head way back to have those big beautiful eyes look at me as if to say "Well, are you gonna pet me now or what?!" She head butts my hand to make me pet her more, I give her big kissies on her little head. I also love the way she alerts me that she wants to play. She'll do her usual 'Meowwww' and then put her paw on the toy and look back at me with, again, those big innocent eyes.

But the best one of all is when I give her a bit of Fancy Feast in a tiny bowl for her. I swear she is saying "YAAAAAAYYYY" and it's soooooo cute!!

Originally Posted by macaroni
everyone has that one special thing that their kitty/ kitties do that make you nuts about them... what does your kitty do that makes you nuts? (in a good way?)

I love how macaroni curls up with me on the cold nights and snuggles up on my shoulder/ neck/ checst. He purrs and tries to get as close to me as he can... *sighs*
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I love Dexter & Sadie because, like all cats, they are real about their feelings & emotions.
There are no mind games with those furkids. When they want something they let me know it.
They keep me grounded in reality.
Plus ... sometimes I am absolutely stunned by their perfect beauty.
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I love it when Spot jumps up on my chest while I'm laying on the couch. He lies down and purrs in the most contented way. It makes all the frustration and expense of his medical issues totally worth it. With Willow, I love her routine and her snuggles. Nearly every night, she waits a couple minutes after I turn off the lights and then asks to come under the covers with me. She curls up right next to my legs and cuddles.
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I love how Katie comes running when I say, "Where's my baby?"

I love Gracie's kisses, given upon request.

I love how Peter likes to get way under the covers to get close to me at night, then just purrs like crazy.
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Of course I love absolutely everything about Oliver, but if I have to narrow it down.... I love that he knows and I mean knows that I saved him from being out on the streets and how much he appreciates that! He is definitely a big mama's boy (although he shows the love to everyone, just prefers me ) and I love that he misses me even when I'm only gone a short while - no matter what's going on or what kind of mood I'm in, he's there purring for me and giving kisses on request ... I definitely think it's the whole unconditional love he gives me thing, simply because I took him off the streets and give him his daily kibble, a few kisses and ear/chin/head scritchies!

Also, he's got the cutest litte pie-wedge slice out of the tip of his left ear that is just the most adorable thing!
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