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Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

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I just wanted to brag that I went to the doctors today and I am starting to decrease my seizure medicine starting march 1st! so over a period of 12 weeks(with an additional 4 weeks to make sure my body has recovered successfully)I will hopefully be seizure medicine free! I won't have to take anymore medicine! YIPPIE!!!!!!!
:blubturq: :rainbow:
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Hi Barb. I don't really know you (I haven't been a member here for too long), but when I saw your post I figured that one more positive thought couldn't hurt!
I hope all goes well with you and your quest for improved health .
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wow, Barb, I hope that works out for you!
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OMG! This just came up in the right spot! How'd you do that, Barb? lol
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I hope everything goes good for you!
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YEY BARB!!! Fingers crossed for you love! :blubturq:
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sending positive thoughts your way
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Best of luck for a seizure free life!
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Good luck Barb! I hope that everything goes well for you. Keep us posted as to how you are doing.
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That's great news! I hope it all works out ok!
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Barb, That's wonderful! Isn't it great that we all get a break sometimes? I believe in miracles, and sometimes God works His miracles through medical science. I hope you remain seizure free forever! I used to teach in a school for children with physical, emotional, and social problems, so I know how debilitating seizure medicines can be. Keep the faith!
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p.s. Would one of you smarty pants please tell me how to access the directions for adding all those fun, moving icons? I know I saw it somewhere! Thanks.
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Jeanie, when you click on "reply" and it takes you to that page, to the left is a little box called smilies...at the bottom of that bos it says "get more" click on that - and away you go!! Smilies galore!!
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Barb, just wanted to add my good luck wishes to you!

I have a story:
My sister-in-in law has epilepsy. She was having really bad seizures and she went to the mayo clinic and they did a major surgery on her and put in something called a vegas nerve stimulator.
It is supposed to help control the seizures, and whenever she felt a seizure coming on she was supposed to hold a little magnet up to her chest, and it would control it.

Well anyway, she works at walmart, so she went back to work after a period of recovery....(they had to cut into her brain to do this....so she was off work quite sometime.)

Anyway, she went back to work, and then after a month she reported back to the mayo clinic so they could see how it was going.
There is some way that they could tell how many times the Vegas nerve stimulator had gone off in that one month period, and were astonished to find it had been 1,000's of times!!!
But my sister-in-law said she had no way triggered it that often, so they couldn't figure it out.

guess what...they finally figured it out...she was running the cash register at walmart, and everytime she rang something up, it was magnetically triggering the stimulator!!!

needless to say, she has to stay far away from the cash registers now!!! they put her back stocking shelves!
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oh no that story is funny!I mean I feel sorry that she has to go thru all of that but it is silly to think that the cash register set her stimulator thing off so many times! bummer that she can't be on one anymore. does she have to have that stimulator in her forever???
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Debby - I saw a medical show in TLC about the vegas stimulator. They were putting it in a little boy who was having siezures all the time. It worked wonders for him. Pretty neat what they can do now.
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I think that's so interesting because years ago, my daughter's grandfather had a bad ulcer problem. In order to stop him producing so much acid, they cut his vegas nerve. Now (like 40 years later) he has trouble digesting some foods. Of course nowadays there are much better options for dealing with that kind of thing, effective drugs and more subtle surgery.

So I wonder, what is that nerve and what does it control? And also, is there a connection between ulcers and epilepsy? Because they are treating the same body part.
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I'm not really sure Sunlion, I don't know too much about it. And barb, I'm not sure if she has to have it in her forever or not. I'll have to ask her.
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