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Need any input

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I just found this site while looking for answers to my cats' health problem. He's a neutered male, 1 1/2 yr old. Has been in excellent health until 3-4 months ago when he stopped eating and began losing weight, rapidly.

The most recent blood tests show no FIP, FELUC, or anything like these. No tyroid problem either. No elevated white counts or anything that looks unusual.

Even my vet is stumped. The poor kitty has lost 2 more lbs int he last 5 weeks. He was eating Iams cat chow, but now is eating Science Diet Kitten. I give him canned food as well. I'll feed him anything, but he isn't gaining weight.

He still cleans himself and tries to act like a regular cat, but he's simply skin and bones now.

Help. Any suggestions? He's on a round of Clavamox and we're doing a de-worming too, just in case the worms didn't show on the fecal specimen.

I've even been giving him Nutri-cal too. Nothing seems to be helping him.

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I am sorry that I don't have any input for your kitty, but I am sending healing vibes to you....and welcome to the site, someone will be giving you some advise soon.
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Oh MY! And your vet has no idea either?
What about getting a second...or a third opinion?
SOMETHING is obviously going on....and I`m afraid to say this, but if you don`t find out what it is you are probably going to lose him. He can only lose so much weight.
I`m hoping you will take him to another vet right away.
Maybe someone on here can direct you to some kind of specialist in your area.
Welcome here to TCS.....let us know what you find out.
What is your kittys name? I`ll be praying for him....and for you. I`m sure your heart is breaking just watching him waste away.
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I would look into a probiotic- Fastrac and also seek out a feline specialist-
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You've been given good advice so far! I hope he starts to do better.

Many years ago I had a cat that they diagnosed with IBS that had symptoms similar to yours.
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You need to find somebody to help your cat. Have you tried another vet for different advice?
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The only thing I can say is that My cat had Pancreatitis (which can be hard to diagnose,which I have been told and read), and was vomiting and even though he was always hungry, seemed to be getting a little slim. My first vet didn't catch it, but when I went to a different vet they did a complete blood panel and searched for everything and looked at anything that was even slightly elevated, and found that a certain thing in his blood was a little high (sorry I forget the name) which indicated Pancreatitis.

Point is, that you need to get to your vet or a new vet and have a complete blood test that will check for everything possible, go to a feline specialist if you have one around.

Keep giving the Nutri-Cal, its a high calorie suppliment and it will help, and increase how much you give him if he is not eating much.
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Time for a specialist...were any x-rays done - to check for tumors?
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Thanks for all the well-wishes. My cat's name is Nigel. He's a black and white tuxedo kitty and so sweet(aren't they all?).

I ran across this website while looking for possible answers online. So glad I found it too. I'm such an animal person. Can't turn a stray away at our house.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'm taking him to another vet this week. My present vet has always been great, but he readily admits he's stumped!

Here's a list of his first symptoms if it helps anybody recognize something:
stopped eating
spotty hair loss- starting with the hind quarters and the nose.
sudden weight loss

The hair loss is ongoing. Some will grow back while other spots fall out. But he is eating pretty well and cleaning himself and purring.

Thanks again,

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Originally Posted by hissy
I would look into a probiotic- Fastrac and also seek out a feline specialist-
I think there is one called benebac??

Pat & Alix Time for a specialist...were any x-rays done - to check for tumors
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I don't know what he has, but it's serious all right. Just a thought, but one of my cats acted like that when her kidneys were failing. But I think that happens more often with older cats than yours. Do you have any plants he might have eaten? I really hope the new vet can figure out what to do!
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