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Is it nomal for a cat to change their usual spot for sleeping at night?

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Hi all! This is my first time to join this forum. Very excited. Anyways, my about-4year-old cat Bas has changed his usual sleeping spot last week. He use to sleep in our bedroom on top of a pillow just beside the radiator. It was his favorite spot for the longest time. However, from last week on, he's been sleeping in the next room on the carpet or downstairs on the sofa at night, instead of sleeping in our room. I am just wondering if cat gets tired of places and need to change once a while? or any other factor might have led to his "move"? I'm a bit worried, because he's my first cat. Thanks all!
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Cats will move on a regular basis - They can sleep in one spot for years and then decide they've had enough and conquer another destination!!

I wouldn't be worried at all, this is perfectly normal!!
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maybe he just found his old spot too hot or too cold or something like that.

I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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Thank you for your replies. Now, Bas is sleeping in a cardboard box in the computer room because I stole his favorite computer chair. Good to know that it's normal. I guess it's just that I miss waking up seeing him sleeping beside me.:> I guess i have to wait for him to move back to our room again. Thanks again.
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I had a one cat who would change sleeping places every two weeks or so.
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Our girls used to sleep with us religiously - every night bed full of cats.

Then, out of nowhere, they decided unanimously to no longer do that.

Now they sleep in the lounge, and it's really sad!! I miss them!!

Hopefully they'll decide to come back when they stop being mad at us for getting a puppy...lol
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My cat changes changes her favorite spot about every 3 months. For a long time it was our son's old car seat in the basement, then it was the couch in the family room for 3 months and then the end of my son's bed, then the middle step on the staircase going up to the bedrooms (although that was pretty short lived when she kept rolling off! ) and now she seems to have discovered that laying on my CHEST appeals to her! Cats are finnicky creatures and some just like a change of scenery on occassion.
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Well, atleast your cat sleeps in appropriate places.
My cats chase their own tail on the carpet for an hour and then fall asleep... on the carpet.
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Heheh - Thats funny - I've got the mental picture!!
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Winter is coming, chances are Bes will relocate to the warmest place in the home which is usually between the covers. Though-out the year they will change locations, as winter approaches, one by one they are starting to make their way back to the bedroom. We have spent a fair sum of money on lovely little beds, when what they actually wanted was a crumpled shopping bag to nest in. Here is a wintery pic of Squeaky and our beloved Tigger. [IMG][/IMG]
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Jamie seems to have a six-day cycle as far as nights are concerned. Six days on my side of the bed, six days on my husband's side, and then six in the spare bedroom. He does the same thing when he takes his afternoon siesta, but with even more variety: living room window perch - cat tree - our bed - chair on the balcony (in warm weather) - kitchen window perch - spare bedroom - basket on top of a kitchen cabinet, and so on. He likes to keep us guessing! I compare it to mother cats moving their kittens from nest to nest. It offers some protection from potential predators.
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another thing to consider is fleas! if you're developing a flea problem, your kitty may be trying to run away from it. mine typically aim for a higher place to sleep... i guess they think the fleas can't get them up there?
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