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Does anyone else out there have a polydactyl kitty (those with extra toes)? I adopted one from the local animal shelter last summer and he is a real kick!

His name is Shamus (a friend thought I said "Shameless" but that fits too) and he is a red-point Siamese mix with six toes on his front feet. They are spaced like thumbs and that is just what he uses them for. I have heard that polydactyls are unusually smart and from what I have seen in the past six months, I believe it!

This guy can do just about anything. His most amazing feat is that he will pick up his favorite toy, a small fuzzy ball, with both front feet and fling it against the wall, catching it on the rebound! Sometimes he dives for it and rolls around batting it on the floor. He does this over and over and looks like he is playing catch with himself.

Anyway, if anyone else has had experience with polies, feel free to relate. I'd love to share stories.
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I don't have any experience at all with polydactyls, but I'd still love to hear the stories!
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Hi LisaB!! Welcome to the site!! I don't really have any experience with them either, but I know a few people on here defiantely do!! The one that comes to mind right now is Hissy, she has a gorgeous one!! Im sure when she sees this thread she'll post a pic for you!!
I read once in a cat magazine, that one Polydactyl had 27 toes!!! Eeeks!!! hahahaha there was a pictuer and it was sooooooo cute!! All thse lickle pink pads!!!
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I hate posting pics of my babies! Lisa here is Bartee and Bailey. You can clearly see Bart's extra digit.
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When I was in Key West Florida I saw many cats with extra toes. There was one man who had trained his cats like they were circus animals. They jumped thru hoops of fire etc. I felt bad for the cats but they seemed to enjoy it!
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Yes, I now am the owner of two, I just got a new baby and his name is Toby so, now that makes my even 10...Oh, he's a long hair orange baby! teeny weeny heehee...All the cats just really love him...they just took to him right away, but then again, I have such good babies...I've been so luchy!

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OMG OMG OMG!!!!! CAAAT!!!!! YOu didn't ell me you got a new baby!!!!!!!! TELL ME NOW!!!!! OMG!!!! (and hey - I didn't even know you HAD a polydactyl!!!! COOL!!!) - You better email me right now lady.... or else!!
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I will, I got him last nite he's only four weeks old and I'd post a pic, but my digital needs batteries and haven't been out to get them...I've been working on the Site and I needed a small break , but I'll email you now!!!
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Cat, speaking of your site, I still can't get into anything. It's funny because I could the first week or so. The little arrow icon never turns into the pointer finger icon (I can only link to things that make it a finger). Are you not Mac compatible?
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Nope, I have two members that have Mac's I don't understand the problem Sunlion. Are you sure you have the right link...yesterday our Board was down for about an hour...I was making some adjustments. HAHA...I got about 12 emails from members withdrawing! hahaha!!! Hope to see you soon...things are settling down quite a bit now!

It's good to see you! Try this:The Cat Arena
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I can get to the page okay, I just can't use any of the links. Very odd. Maybe it's my computer? I'll see if I can use someone else's machine and check it out. Is there a lot of Java on your site? The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in my computer seems to get corrupted pretty regularly, so that would be a strong possibility.
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Hi Sunlion,
Yes, I did put a few scripts in, but not too much at this time. What java are you using have you tried this version yet?

Java for Mac
Hope to see ya at the Site
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