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Finding the Cat Box in the Dark

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Well, here we are in South FL awaiting the next !@#$% hurricane. Last year I had just gotten the girls when we had to board up. It hadn't occured to me that once the storm shutters are in place and we lose power, the place is Pitch Black, like, not a ray of light. Obviously that's fine for me sleeping, but can the girls find their cat box? Last year, I didn't have enough flashlight batteries to keep them on all night leading to the cat box in the bathroom. I lit a couple of candles, but was really worried about the burning candles and the cats, so I couldn't sleep. This year I have a couple of flashlights, but don't want to use then up if I don't have to. What do you think?
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I'm sure somebody will eventually bring you the answer but just a wild guess here...

I assume since cats can see really good in the dark as they are nocturnal creatures by nature (right?) and they can smell their own scent... your little girls can find their way to the litter box even in the dark...

But please somebody correct me if i'm wrong and give this man some help!

By the way.. are you guys going to be ok during this hurricane?
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Thanks. We're fortunate with this one in that it will hit in daylight and it may not be that bad. It seems a bit less frightening than when the storm blows through in the night.
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I'm not sure of the answer to your question about them finding the litterbox, but I do know that cats cannot see in absolute darkness. They can see with much less light than we need, but they do need some light to be able to see.
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Cats have a good sense of smell, so they will probably be able to smell where the litter box is.
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I`m sure they will be able to locate the litter box...and in fact will probably find their way around the house in the dark better than you could.
I knew someone with a blind cat once....and it had no problem finding it`s litter.
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You could get some of those "light sticks" -- chemically produced light. I think they're sold in hardware stores and auto stores as emergency lights.
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Of course it's probably too late now, but for the NEXT one , try getting a couple of LCD type flashlights. They don't throw a whole lot of light, about enough so you can see where you're going, but they last a LOT longer on the batteries than normal flashes. I've got a little one that I use for when I take Kellie out in the winter and I think I've replaced the batteries in it once? in about 4 years .
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Those little take-n-shake lightsticks are great! We used them last time we went camping (3-day trip) and used it as a nightlight in the tent.

They last a long time & are the perfect amount of light. Batteries are expensive & wear out. You can probably find the lightsticks at any Dick's or other Sporting Goods store.
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