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Cats fighting cats

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Well, my family has always been cat crazy and currently we have 5 cats. The only problem is...they can't stand each other. I don't know what to do! Some fight each other, some are very submissive and others just run like the wind. It's difficult to tell all the minute details but I would like them to get along with each other as I'm now having to seperate them.

The facts:

- I have a large house so there is plenty of room for them
- I have an okay sized garden
- 4 of my cats are female and one is male
- Ages range frm 6 months to 6 years

I can give any wanted details if needed but I would love to help them get along. I know it may be a little late to try this but any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you!
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Do you feed all your cats together?

I have 5 cats and found out that they got along better after they were fed together.

You could try Felliway, as that is supposed to calm cats down, so this may work on the agressive ones.
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Are your cats fixed?
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Yes, they are fixed (last one is to be fixed on Wednesday) and acutally no I don't feed them together! :O Wonderful suggestion! Thanks ^_^

What is Felliway, btw? O_o Also, the problem from feeding them together is...one cat is very reluctant to feed downstairs so i feed it in my room. If I moved her I'm scared she'll run away because she will feel like I don't love her. X_x

Thanks for all the help although even more would be awesome.
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You really don't give much to go on. I have fourteen cats and they spat at each other from time to time but it is nothing major. They hide to when they feel like it and I just let them be. As long as you are not racking up large vet bills, your cats will learn to get along. Even though you think your house is large, it may not be large enough for these 5 cats to get along. You need to create levels of height where they can get off the floor and feel secure. Cat ramps, window perches, cat condos, shelves.
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Once the last cat is neutered, I think things will settle down some. Without details about who gets along, and what kind of fighting is involved, its hard to advise. Probably just let them work it out.
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