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My poor kitty/Pittsburgh residents beware.

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I need to post this, because what happened to me and my poor little Tobie made me sick last week.

My little Tobie (6 months)
I adopted him in June, and the end of July he had his check up....because we got him young he needed his shots. When I went there, I saw lots of gook in his ears, and from what I saw on the internet, it looked just like Ear Mites. I asked the Vet "are you sure he doesnt have mites" (my 2 cats are strictly in doors, and are our babies, i treat them as if they are my children) the vet said they tested him and he didnt have mites...it was just wax and i would have to keep up on the cleaning. (i even called in the middle of Sept. to make sure in his records it was negative for mites)

He really never scratched his ears, but they just kept getting worse, so last Sunday he wasnt acting himself at all...and thats when the scratching began. I called another vet that I love soo much, and they told me to bring him right after work. I brought him and as soon as the vet looked at him he said "ear mites" I was like "he cant have those, animal rescue insured me he didnt have them" he tested to make sure, and even showed me under the microscope. He had them soo bad the vet wouldnt even try the drops, he insisted on the Shot to clear them up.

This poor baby suffered for 3 months...I was furious. (I trusted they knew what they were doing)

I called animal rescue first thing Tuesday, and talked to the vet that treated poor tobie....and she told me this "I see in his notes there was stuff in his ears, but didnt see any mites under the scope...this doesnt mean he didnt have them....we just didnt see any at the time of the test" I was like "you didnt think because of the stuff in his ears, to give me anything for them or tell me it could be a possiblity?" and the thing she said to me "is this all you need from me"

I was soo furious over this. the other vet that treated tobie last week said this was such a severe case.....and couldnt beleive my other cat didnt have them (which thank god she doesnt)

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Please people be aware that when you name establishments, companies, brand names etc and put a negative spin on the place, or product your post will be edited. Please go ahead and vent all you want, but leave out any personal information that might lead to trouble for you or this board. We are visted by scads of people so be careful what you post before you hit the submit button-

Thank you-
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im sorry, i didnt mean to do anything i wasnt supposed to....soooo sorry!!!
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No biggie, I understand in the heat of the moment you just type out your frustrations. It was a friendly reminder that's all-
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Hissy is right, but you may want to inform the Better Business Bureau and your state Veterinary Medical Board.
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You do need to keep things in perspective. You adopted a cat, who is a living creature that cannot come with a health warranty. If the cat's ear discharge was examined and no mites were found, then there is not any reason to necessarily think that he had ear mites at the time.

Additionally, you do not know for sure that he did have ear mites in July. It is possible that he did just have wax.

Your vet sees just a snapshot of your animal when you bring him in. Monitoring day-to-day health is something only you can do. Taking a peek inside your cat's ears every week or so is part of normal maintenance, just like feeding and scooping the litterbox. If they were clean and now look dirty, or if they were a little dirty and now look really dirty, then you can make an appointment and tell the vet that even if nothing shows up on the first slide, you have a strong reason to believe something is up because this is a change from what is normal.

3 months is a long time for the situation to be continually getting worse and it was your responsibility to keep an eye on it all along. Vets know a ton about medical things, though they are certainly more than capable of making errors. On the other hand, we may not know everything they know - but we know our animals and that is just as important. And the more we know about them, the more we can work with the vet to maintain their health.
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Thank goodness he is in a home where he is closely watched. At a minimum, I believe the first vet should have said that they saw no mites, and if you weren't able to keep his ears clean, to have them rechecked. Or done preventative ear mite medicine.

Every time I have seen ear mites, the ear was very black inside, which looks different than just wax!

I'll never forget our childhood vet. If he found mites in the cats ears, he would always check the children's ears, too, knowing the cats probably slept with the kids. I loved that man!

Hope your kitty is feeling better. Although he has suffered with mites in his ears, he is now on the way to a cure!
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