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More litterbox issues

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I'm so stressed out about London. I love the little cat so much, but he isn't pooping in the litterbox. Because he seemed to have such an aversion to toilet training, I stopped and put the litterbox back up. But now he sometimes poops in it, but sometimes poops in the corner of the spare bedroom. Both last night and this morning the first thing I had to do on coming in/waking up was clean up cat poop. I cleaned the litterbox in case that was it-- nope. Doesn't seem to matter. I can't really have two litterboxes despite having two cats- I have a VERY small condo, there's not really another place to put one. I love London but I can't live with cat poop all over my house! I obviously don't want to give him away to someone, especially since I'm hoping he'll grow out of it, but I also am afraid that if I don't give him away now while he's still under a year then no one will want him
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You need a second litter pan- sorry but you do, especially having two cats!
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Originally Posted by hissy
You need a second litter pan- sorry but you do, especially having two cats!
I can try one, but honestly, there's really NO other place to put one since I'd need to put the second one downstairs I imagine. Downstairs all the closets and bathrooms are pretty much too small to put a ltterbox, and although I suppose I *could* I'm not eager to put a litterbox in my kitchen or the main room downstairs.
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Clean out a cabinet and put one there, stick one under your bed, they don't have to be together in fact it is better if they aren't.
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Have you tryed moving the litter box to the corner he likes pooping in?

You could also try putting orange peel in the corner, as cats are supposed to hate the smell of it.

Other than that the only other thing i can think of is to get a 2nd litter box. And to keep tring to potty train the kitty.
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I have the same problem with a couple of my 11 indoor cats......I have tried several things..but I love your idea of the orange peel in the corner.

I have raised most of my cats from kittens and the ones who like to poop or pee in weird places have ALWAYS done it from time to time.
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I have a cat that wont poop in the litter box if it's not totally clean, he will tend to do it at the bottom of the stairs. Trouble is he's a weird cat that likes fruit and likes the smell of orange peel. Were still working on a way to stop him.
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why would having 2 litter box's help? I have 3 cats and one litter box. admittedly I have to clean it ALOT like at least once, sometimes twice a day, but We don't even have problems with the smell. I put an odor absorber above it and as long as I clean it often I never have a problem. I know you mentioned the litterbox was clean, I'm not saying that, but I really don't understand why your cat won't use it. I don't have much advice, the few times Stormie did that before the other cat's taught her better I moved it to the litterbox (that was how I taught all my cat's where their poo was supposed to go) and let her see where it went. Again, I'm curious, why would 2 litter pan's help?
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