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Update on Pregnant Kitty..

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Who, it turns out is NOT pregnant! I took her to the vet today to have it verified and he sat there and felt her stomach for awhile (much to Waverly's annoyance) and pronounced her not pregnant. What a nice piece of news! I'm so glad I didn't have to make a desision about what to do with the kittens. However, just so you know I am a responsible pet owner, Waverly got spayed today (as well as got her shots) and I pick her up tommorow morning from the vet. I miss her already! Usually I come outside and she comes running up to be petted but she's not around. I know she's going to be so mad at me when she gets back, I had to trick her into getting in the carrier. Poor Waverly was so scared she peed in her carrier while we were waiting at the vet! She was deathly afraid, I don't think she'd ever been in a carrier before. And of course she was meowing horribly, made me feel so guilty but at least now I know she's safer being an outside kitty. Hopefully she will decide she wants to stay an inside kitty..I'm keeping her inside (in my room) for a few days to recover from being spayed. Anyway send your good thoughts out for Waverly (and for me when seh reliezes what I've done to her!). I can't wait to get her back tommorow.
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Yeah! I'm glad you didn't have to make that decision. I'd have a hard time with that too. I bet Waverly will figure out that the good life is inside and want to be an inside kitty. I hope your roommate does ok.
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I'm glad everything seems to be working out so well for you and Waverly!
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Oh, what a relief that must have been for you! Just give her extra treats and attention, and she'll forgive you. You can bet on it!
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Well I picked up Waverly this morning and she seems to be doing fine, and has fully forgiven meShe spent 10 minutes thoroughly smelling my room and rubbing against everything, and has been very sweet ever since. I took a nap (had to pick her up at 8 am blah) and she crawled under the covers to sleep wtih me And the rest of the day I sat with her while doing homework and she snuggled up against me the whole time, except when she got hungry and got up to eat or drink. She's meant to be an indoor kitty she's so loving! I'm hoping my roommate will respond well tot he Allegra and be able to be around her, I'd love Waverly to be a permanent indoor kitty, but I don't think she'd enjoy being permanetly in my bedroom. Anyway thanks for the help
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I missed posting on your first thread, but in regards to you roommate with the allergies I do have a couple of suggestions. If the Allegra doesn't work, try Claratin. Also, most allergy suffers aquire an immunity to animals that are constantly around. I have always been very allergic to all animals, but don't have a problem with my own. My best friend is also like this. It took her a little while (I think about a month) to get that immunity built up with her newest cat, but she is fine with Shanny now (to let you know how bad she is, she get 4 allergy shots a week!).
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