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Celebrate with Adelaide

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One year ago, our little (former) feral/stray Adelaide found our garden.

We fed her every night and after about three weeks, I managed to entice her into the conservatory to eat her evening meal. As October wore on and the evenings grew colder, we really wanted to get her inside away from the frost and the fireworks that go off everywhere in November. So, one cold November evening, she came inside for her dinner and the doors slammed shut behind her.

It has been a long journey, getting her from the kitty who was scared to be in the same garden as a person, to being a kitty that is not frightened of us anymore.

Since then she has been with us, she is happy and settled and although she goes outside during the daytime, never leaves our garden.

This marks her 1 year anniversary in our home.

Happy 1 year anniversary Adelaide

We love you so very much and are so happy that you decided to share our home

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Happy 1st anniversary you beautiful girl!!
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Happy Catch'em Kiss'em Day, Addie!!!
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What a beautiful lady! Enjoy your special day in your forever home.
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Lucky Adelaide! Here's to many more happy years to come!
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Happy Anniversary, Addie!

What a very special day this is for you and your family, precious little one!

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You picked the right one baby!
Happy Anniversary beautiful Miss Adelaide!
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Happy Anniversary, Adelaide! You certainly knew whom to choose to live with!
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Happy Anniversary, Adelaide!
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Happy Anniversary Addie and Beth!

I remember the struggles you had with proving to this kitty that she was safe inside your home. Although the initial thread was lost in the Great Crash, from December onward is still here for those who weren't around to see Addy's amazing progress:

She's a very special kitty, with a very special family.
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Awwwwww bless her cotton sock! Happy anniversary Adelaide you pretty girl! If you knew then what you know now you would have entered your home a long time ago
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I was just revisiting the thread Heidi posted. It's really amazing what progress she made in such a short time.
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Thank you all for sharing in Adelaide's special anniversary day with us. She has had a beautiful day snoozing under the holly tree - it's full of berries and therefore full of birdies - her favourite place . Thank you so much for your kind words, we're so happy she trusted us to look after her when she was so scared.

Heidi - thank you for linking to her thread and for your lovely thoughts. Thanks go also to Tracy, Chris, Abbysmom, Pushylady, Stephanie, Amy, Jcat, DazeeMazeeGraze, Susan and Fran
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Congratulations, Adelaide and Beth

Stories like these show why cats are such special creatures.

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A very lucky kitty and she's so cute!
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Happy Anniversary Adelaide! You are such a beautiful girl and I'm so glad you found such a loving home. Wishing you many more happy days ahead!
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Happy Anniversary, Adelaide!
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congrats, happy for you
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Happy Anniversary Adelaide. You may not have started out life under the best circumstances, but look at you now! You're healthy happy and contented and well loved. You are now one of the luckiest kitties in the UK.
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I`m glad you found your own special home and people Addie!
Happy 1st anniversary!
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You've come a long way!!

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She is a very satisfied looking cat. And she is very beautiful. I am glad she has a wonderful forever home. Congratulations on one year with this wonderful cat friend.
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Thanks to Katachtig, Sam, Lisalee, Tina, Binkyhoo, Hope, Stampit3d, Linda and Bugaboo1.

We can't believe that one whole year has shot by and are so happy to share this special occasion with you all
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Is that a contented kitty, or what??? Adelaide, you are so pretty, and aren't you glad you trusted those humans of yours! You couldn't have found a better home! Congratulations, love!
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Aww! I adore threads like this. She looks so sweet and matronly.
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