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My trip to the South-West of Western Australia.

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I took a short break in a place called Pemberton, about a four hour drive from my home and stayed at a place called Big Brook Cottages. It was a great break - it was quiet, serene and the scenery was beautiful.

The view from the front of my cottage - Big Brook Forest

One of the trees on the trail to Big Brook Dam, gutted by a long ago fire. To give you an idea of the size, I could stand inside it with my arms outstretched and I still couldn't touch the sides!

A close up of the tree

The view from the left side of the cottage, picture taken at dusk.

And from the back

The log fire. It was lovely and freezing at night.

I was missing the 6 cats a lot but this regular visitor (owned by the cottage owners) made up for that. Here's Kailey

Mid wag:

And relaxing in front of the fire

It was a lovely few days away and I hope to go back there sometime.
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What a fun time you must have had ! That puppydog is so cute
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Tania - it looks like you had a wonderful time. The sunset was beautiful and that log fire looks so inviting.
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Wonderful pics! I love seeing different parts of the world.
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wow! that's so beautiful, the tree is certainly big LOL, kailey is beautiful
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Brilliant pictures Tania! And the ones of the sky were gorgeous with the colours

At least you had some furry company to see you through, he looks so sweet
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She was very sweet. The guide book specifically said, "Please do not feed Kailey as we have to watch her waistline." I was very good, only fed her maybe 5 times with teensy bits of food.
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Now I know the meaning of "big sky". I'm sure that was a much-needed break, and am glad you enjoyed it.
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It was very much needed and I just got to slip it in before kitten season really gets going over here.
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What beautiful pictures!!! Those pictures of the sky are azazing!
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It looks like a wonderful and relaxing vacation.
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Looks like fun Tania! How long were you there for?
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Four days. I kind-of wish it was longer but I was missing the babies.
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Beautiful photo's!

i'm from Bunbury down south and iv'e never been there lol now i'm even more homesick for the south-west

i might have to convince my husband to take me to those cottages they look so cozy.

thanks for posting the photo's, they reminded me of home

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Wonderful photos! I am glad you had a good time.
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Oh wow Tania, what a beautiful place. And Kailey, soooo adorable!
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Felicia, I drove through Bunbury to get there. And yes, it's soooo worth going, the cottages are lovely.
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