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Help! She's just thrown up everywhere...

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I was on the phone to my Mum and Max ran in and said little Sashka had just thrown up everywhere...I went out to the kitchen and the entire contents of her dinner - undigested - where in a big vomit on the kitchen floor, with some other food-stuffs mixed in.

She seems fine - she has hopped on top of the cupboard, in her favourite sleeping spot, and is kind of just licking her lips.

The 24-hour emergency vet is not answering ????????????? and I'm frantic.

She has never thrown up before - not that I've seen - and I'm very worried.

Does anyone have any advice??? Am I being paranoid and overreacting???

PS - She's eating now - seems ravenous...don't know what to do?
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I'm sure she will be fine , it's common for cats to be sick if they have eaten something they should'nt, sometimes when one of my cats are sick theres undigested cat food and bits of dead bugs. If she is a outdoor cat there maybe bits of grass in the sick, they eat this if they have a upset tum. I would just give her a small bit of cat food for her tea or some cooked chick and rice, and if shes still being sick mon then call a vets if you're still worried.
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Thanks Deb Max and I discovered that she had stolen some Tandoori Chicken out of the bin - goodness knows how, little tyke - and I think it might have been that, although there seemed to be no traces of it in her vomitus.

I'll just keep and eye on her and keep trying the vet...
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My cats will do this at times if they eat too fast...just a thought
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I wouldn't worry unless she does it again. Just keep a watch and make sure she has access to lots of water. Don't let her eat too much at once in case her stomach goes into spasms from the vomiting.
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She may also have hacked up a hairball right after she ate...and it brought up her food with it.
I would`nt worry about it either, if she`s acting OK and eating again...unless she does it again....just watch her for a day or so and make sure she`s acting normal.
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