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5 Week Old Female Vs 5 Month Old Male

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Ok, I have a 5 week old hand reared kitten (so unsocialised) that I want to introduce to my 5 month old male un-neutered kitten.

I've had my female since she was 3 days old. And since then my 5 month old has HATED her. The first time I let them be together (just to see how they would go) he beat her on the head with his paw. So we separated and thought to try again later.

About a week later when she could walk a little we tried again - This time he grabbed her around the neck and I was afraid he wouldn't let go. So I got her off him (she wasn't hurt) and left it at that.

Now she is five weeks - They have basically been separated for the entire time. He has smelt plenty of things that she has been on, and I don't think she even realises his smell is on things!
So I tried again and again he went straight for the kill shot around her neck. She just goes limp and I separated them.

What do I do? I can't get her socialised without him but he just won't have a bar of her. He stalks outside her room looking for an opportunity to punce.

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I would hazard a guess that she's too young, or that your unneutered male sees her as a threat. You could try leaving it until she's old enough to look after herself, and after your male has been neutered?
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Anyone got any suggestions?
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I agree that the little one is too young and can't defend himself.

I would not put them together until the little one is older and the 5 month old is neutered.
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Ok cool - I'm getting the 5 month old neutered on Monday and the baby has started to kick and bite now (with her toys!) so hopefully in a few weeks she should be ready to defend herself!!

Is this common? I've read other threads where people haven't had any troubles integrating their cats - Is is because the 5 month old is still so young?
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5 Week old kitten is too young. Thats why most shelters won't even let people adopt before they reach 8 weeks. You can buy them from stores as young as 6 weeks. But I would wait until the kitten is at least 8 weeks old.
Good Idea to get your male nuetered!!
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I have has this baby from 3 days (she's an orphan) so I would have thought he would be used to her by now, but obviously not - He may just be hormonal so hopefully that will settle after his neutering on Monday! (Poor little fella, he doesn't even know they are going! He better lick them while he still has them!)
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[quote=jane_vernon]Ok, I have a 5 week old hand reared kitten (so unsocialised) that I want to introduce to my 5 month old male un-neutered kitten.

I absolutely agree with the person who suggested that your kitties need to stay separated until the boy is neutered and the girl is much bigger and stronger -- but when the time comes, you'll still need to be cautious in bringing them together gradually over a period of a week or so.

I had a very similar situation when I brought my little Pearl home to meet Clyde, who had made it clear to me that he didn't want any other cats around. I more or less used a system I'd read about, with some variations of my own, and it worked beautifully. Here's how it went:

1. First, I clipped everybody's nails nice and short...just in case.

2. Then I spread blankets on the floor of a walk-in closet and let Clyde watch while I set it up with a litterbox, food, water, toys, and a little round bed. I also put in one of those round collapsible mesh laundry containers.

3. Then I brought Pearl in, letting Clyde see me walk past with her. I took her into the closet and spent a few minutes in there with her. When I came out, I made sure to give Clyde plenty of attention and some nice fresh food.

4. During the night, I went into the closet several times to keep Pearl company for a few minutes, and again, I always made a fuss over Clyde when I came out.

5. By this time, Pearl was fond of playing in the mesh laundry container, so she didn't mind when I picked her up in it and brought her out to the living room. Keeping her in the container, I dangled toys and played with her while Clyde watched. After a few minutes, I took her back to her closet and came out and played with Clyde for awhile.

6. The next day, I tipped the mesh container on its side and encouraged Pearl to come out. Clyde came over and sniffed her. She hissed, he batted... but I didn't make a fuss. It's natural for them to test each other that way, and I figured if I got upset, they'd get more excited too. So I stayed cool.

7. Several times the next day, I closed the bedroom door (to keep everybody within reach) and opened Pearl's closet so she and Clyde could choose to encounter each other if they wanted. I sat on the floor and intervened gently if hostilities erupted. I quickly found that I didn't have to physically separate them when they started to fight -- all I had to do was sing! They would stop and watch me, and simply forget to resume their battle. I still use this to calm them. (Gershwin's "Summertime" works especially well.)

8. That night, I left the closet door open while I slept, and there was very little trouble during the night. Emboldened, I threw open the whole house the next day and let them start working things out on their own (although I kept them in view at all times). Within a couple more days, I felt safe in leaving them alone together for an hour or two. Four days later, they had become pals, and I reclaimed my closet.

Through this whole process, I made sure to give Clyde extra love and care, so he would not feel he was being replaced. Even today, a year later, I'm careful to be evenhanded.

And Clyde and Pearl are getting along very well! They do have their nightly kitty rampage, which sometimes tips over into real hostility -- but as long as I keep their claws short, nobody gets hurt. And of course, five minutes after the last screech, they're curled up having a mutual bath together. :-)

I hope all goes well with your babies!
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