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Can you work the board magic for me please?

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Well like MoochnNoodles, I'm also dreading Monday - but for a different reason. I'm due smear test results back (ooo yik) which ok, is a pretty bog standard thing. But there's a lump on my cervix that's causing some concern and I'm going to find out tomorrow if it's something to worry about or not. I've been trying to tell myself that there's no point in worrying over it until I've had results back and I know for definite what's going on, but I suppose that doesn't really appeal to the emotional side of me. It scares me more because of the experience I had with the cancer in my throat when I was 15 - and my new doctor really helpfully pointed out that I was in the right age range for cervical cancer too - or at least the age range in which it's most common (what a ray of sunshine) - so he wants to be really really sure of what the problem is. I don't think it'll be anything as bad as that, but it's still plaing on my mind a bit - so could I ask for some "all clear" board magic please?
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What a helpful doctor?!

I hope it will go well for you on Monday - I'll be thinking of you!

Sending loads of 'Clear Results' }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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Sending lots of postive vibes for good results!!

Did ya give your doc a nice big thanks for pointing that out?
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well I did look at him funny for a few minutes, and I think he got the hint. It's a bit difficult though to be subtle when you don't have the same first language!
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More positive "all clear" vibes going your way!
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sending good vibe's your way, Lillekat!

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I know how it feels to just sit and wait,,,it is agonizing...I have been through a similar situation..hang in there.."All clear" healing vibes are sent your way.
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Sending vibes your way! It would be difficult for a doctor to explain with the language difference.
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Sending loads of good vibes for a clear test result Emma. Even though it's scary, it's better to have these things looked and dealt with if need be. With all the vibes coming your way I'm sure it will be just fine though!
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Sending the all clear vibes and special prayers your way..
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Lots of good thoughts and prayers headed your way!
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I'm praying for you, Emma, and expect an excellent report!
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And while the doctor was rather tactless, it is good to know he is taking precautions.

Good Luck.
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Thanks people - you're wonderful I don't think he was trying to be tactless.... I think it's just because his English is as limited as my Danish the sooner I can nail the language the better!
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Lots of luck coming your way today, Emma! I'll be thinking of you!
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Completely understandable why you'd be worried . I am keeping you in my prayers and sending you some {{{{hopefully this is nothing but if it is I hope it clears up quickly and painlessly}}}} vibes!
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I hope everything goes well and all is clear for you. Lots of vibes of their way...
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Sending you many good vibes and prayers
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There's nothing worse htan waiting! Here's hoping it's nothing bad.
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my best wishes to you are on the way!...
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if you need someone to talk to ive been there and done that-- I was dx'd with CIN III while i was preggers with my son in 2000. My pap smear the prior year was clear. It developed into full blown cervical cancer by my 8 week post partum checkup-- i was 21 yrs old then. Had 3 surgeries to remove it and have had clear pap tests since 2003. Just got my results back from my pap test done at the beginning of the month. All clear. I still have to go every year for another couple of years then my dr says if i stay clear that i can go to eveyr 3 yr paps. I dont know if i will risk that or not yet. Good luck and ill be praying for everything to come out right.
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It's almost 9:30 p.m. Danish time, Emma - any results? Hopefully good ones!
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Coming late to this thread I do hope everything has gone well, and the news is good.
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