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Originally Posted by booktigger
So so sorry to hear that, I really hoped she would make it. At least you did manage to get some assistance for her, and made sure she got treatment, rather than leaving her. Cats only take hours to get under your skin, trust me!! I hope in time you can open your heart to another needy kit, I do wish that pet shops weren't allowed to sell animals though, the majority have been taken from their mums too soon, and they don't do any checks as to where they are going.
I appreciate it, really.. I'm also glad I was able to do what I did.. and yeah... if it only takes an hour or so to form a bond.. imagine a whole week of having her sleep in my bed and always next to me!.. it's so sad to know she died tonight.. I'm going to give the owner of the pet store a piece of my mind, i'm 210 pounds.. mostly muscle so HE DONT WANT NONE! lol.. but really yeah I just want him to atleast have the courtesy to never sell a kitten so young and to make sure he sells all his animals to deserving parents.

The Vet that I met today isn't the one who works with with the pet-store owner.. he seems very professional and very caring about animals... he told me the spieces that Angel is, he always gets orphans and gives them up for adoption for anybody willing to raise them properly.. but the ones he has are healthy and well taken care of... Obviously if a Vet is raising them! I just dont want Angel's death to be invain, and if I do adopt another cat anytime soon.. I really wanna take extra precautions!

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Tru, I was sorry to see this thread moved over to the Blue Room.

I'm so sorry you lost your baby; it's truly heartbreaking. Whether you have them for an hour or a lifetime, the loss is substantial. The pain is real, and is felt deeply.

You did all you could, and your little girl knew that. She thanks you now, and she'll thank you again when you meet at the bridge.

RIP little kitten angel.
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I am sorry you lost this little kitty. Rest in peace little kitten. You were loved and you will be missed.
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I am just so sorry that you had to go through this pain because a pet shop owner wanted to make a quick buck, and had no interest in the animals welfare. The vet you saw was wonderful though, to help you on a Sun when he was closed shows how much of an animal person and wonderful person he is. I truly know how you feel about not wanting her death to be in vain, I lost a cat to mammary cancer this year, as her previous owner had never bothered to get her spayed, so I wrote an article that has been posted on various sites, and published in our local newsletter - maybe you could also do something constructive? If you do get another cat soon, please consider getting one from a rescue, any decent one will make sure it is healthy before adopting it out, and then hopefully it will be years before you have to go through this pain again.
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I am so sorry you lost your sweet Angel. How lucky she was to be loved for her last week. Rather than suffering alone in a cold cage, she was with you every day until the end.

I know you only had her for a week, but I had a puppy for 4 days as a child, and I still remember Sean. He was from a breeder, so when we found out he had a heart condition, they took him back. Although we got another dog, who I loved dearly, I have never forgotten him. I'm sure it is the same with little Angel. Once she wiggled her way into your heart, she is there to stay.

Condolences on the loss. Poor precious baby. I agree with Booktigger, that you should write your newspaper about this terrible incident. Other people need to know not to shop there for anything, especially not a pet!

And also check with the vet on whether her illness could be contagious to a new kitten you get (when you are ready). I lost one to distemper, which includes a lot of diarrhea, and that is very contagious. Even bringing in another kitten would risk it catching distemper.
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Originally Posted by Tru87
I've only had her for a week, so I won't front like i've known her all my life but in this week i've bonded so close with her... She would follow me where i'd go, and I mean FOLLOW ME ONLY... she'd sleep in my bed, play with me... play with my necklace... purrr all the time...
Sounds like Angel was really your baby. I know from your description that she loved you and bonded with you as her *meowmy*.

I read somewhere that (I'm paraphrasing) as long as your kitty is in your heart, she will never be forgotten. So she'll never be far from you because you will always have your memories of her. God bless you and I pray you are comforted here by friends who care. I lost my beloved Sumo after only 1 year and 4 months. I found this web site shortly after, and I'm so thankful to know there are so many folks who understand. No matter how long or short the time is, you really know when you have met a special kitty and Angel knew you were special, too.
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