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One cat story. . . . . .

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Okay, one cat story for today (at this rate I probably have enough for a full year.) In the early 80's I adopted a street savy calico who came to my front door heavy laden with kittens. I found homes for all the little ones (6 in all) and named the mother Quilt because her colors were laid out in beautiful patches. She was very intelligent and devoted to me. Now, few people outside of family who actually heard this believe me, but she would awaken me every morning by getting up in my face and saying, plain as a human, my given name DARLENE loud enough to wake me up. I swear! When asked what she wanted to eat she would respond TENDER VITTLES! As I mentioned she was a very friendly female and made stops all over the neighborhood for treats and loving. One young couple down the street asked me many times if they could have her for their own, but I always politely declined. Well, Quilt came up missing that summer and as I inquired arond the neighborhood, I learned that the young couple had moved to CA. I have no doubt that they took my Quilt with them, but then that is better then some of the things that could have happened to her. . . .
So long for tonite. Another day another cat tail.
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Awww, I'm sorry you lost Quilt. She sounds like she was a very talented cat! LOL

I swear our Sami says ouuuuut, ouuuuuut, and fully expects us to open the door for her even though we have never voluntarily let her outside (she has escaped a few times).
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Dear Threeleggedkat,
Wow, that was cool, when I was growing up, I had a friend that had this cat that said a few things too, They told me if you put this cat near a sink, and you turned on the cold water it would say....cold waaaaaaaaater.....cold waaaaaaaater...and then...the same thing would happen if you turned on the hot water except it would say..hot waaaaaaaater...hot waaaaaaaater..lol...now, I never heard it..and Lord knows, I tried putting that poor cat to the test many times. I never dunked him in the water or anything like that! All that cat would do basically was look at us like "you stupid humans"...I'll talk when I'm good and ready and don't you forget it. That's when I realized that cats owned us. We are merely their pets...objects of their pure amusement and of course love. I loved it then and I pray I always will!
Blessings to you and looking forward to more of your stories!
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Wow! That was a really neat story! I am sorry you lost Quilt, and those people had no right to take her, but at least she is with someone who must care an awful lot about her to go so far as to steal her!
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