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Any Computer whizes out there?

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I have a zip drive that suddenly "is not ready" and a scanner that "thinks' it it not attached. Both seemed to happen at once.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the scanner and plugged and Unplugged it and attached and unattached everything till I am stressed big time.

Can anyone help?
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Are they both connected by USB cables? If so it could be your USB card.
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Sounds like a driver confusion. I would uninstall both programs, unplugging scanner & zip drive. Shut-down your PC...not a restart but a cold shut-down. Start your PC and then reinstall your scanner...if successful...shut down again. Start your PC once again and reinstall your zip. I know...it's a real pain & timely stuff...hope it helps though.
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Shoot! I don't know if they are connected by USB! I do know I uninstalled the scanner and reinstalled it and it does not work.

I cannot find where to uninstall my zip drive. There is no mention of it on the add remove programs.

Tomorow I am going to attach new (actually old) cords to it to see if they work! I can always pay more for photos on a disc but the ZIP I really need!
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Have you installed any Windows updates or anything recently? Perhaps something like that caused a conflict.
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maybe this will help I use smartcomputing for alot of things ive fixed alot of problems by going to this website and i also get the magizine every three months there was a time i had paltalk installed in my pc and couldn't remove it for noughting even with add and remove i couldnt do it and this website help i used the ( run ) typed in REGEDIT found what i was looking for and presto! problem solved

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