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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
I won't be able to talk to my best friend from Canada tonight because she's gone for the night!

And I'm probably going to be getting kicked out of school..
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I ordered Cat food last Wednesday on next day delivery and it's still not here!! I'm so angry GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
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...and they are ignoring our complaint letters!! Grrrrrrrrr!
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Okay I have to whinge about this now! Our upstairs neighbour is home all day every day while her roommate goes to work. No problem. But she has lead feet. Then when the other girl gets home, they start shifting furniture around!! But not only that, but home alone girl has developed a hacking cough (from smoking, no less) and it's probably the most irritating noise on the planet. It's the same Ehe, ehe, ehe every damned time - sometimes going on for a half hour at a time. All night and all day and it's really driving me up the wall. I would dearly love to throttle her. Ok, she's having a harder time of it I guess.... but will someone please PLEASE HIDE HER CIGARETTES!!!??
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Maddens sick and has to go to the vet first thing in the morning!!


I can't sleep because I'm so worried about him and I keep checking and checking on him!!! And I've got TONS to do tomorrow, I've got to get up really early and I have a feeling I won't get done with all the things we have to do until really late. I'm going to be exhausted.

I'm very worried about my baby boy!!
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OMG my landlord makes me SO mad. they say they are going to show up and NEVER do! I sit at home ALL day canceling MY plans and waiting for them and getting calls and visits from her son saying he will be over in an hour that he's finishing up on something else and NEVER shows up! :angry: Then she gripes at me sayin I HAVE to be home for this stuff to get done! Um HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO?! I was home and have been home everytime you said you would be here! If my trucks here, I AM HERE! So dont give me that that "you're never home" Im ALWAYS home!!!!!
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Still no cat food 16 days after ordering for next day delivery. I'm so angry
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Why oh why do I have such a great husband and home life and suddenly my job begins to suck??? I love music therapy, yes, but I HATE the politics we play in this department!!!!!

Why is it that people in the helping professions can be some of nastiest people I know? Better yet, why is being nice a PROBLEM?


I think it's time to find another one...


Ok, feeling a little better.
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Two simple words from me:

I feel like poop and sound like the lovechild of Kermit and Tom Waits.
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Next to no sleep last night.. gotta work again tonight
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Yes, that would be me, too, today. Didn't sleep (HOT HOT HOT) and then 10-hour day today and then my friend rang me and asked if I could help her out at her restaurant tonight and tomorrow...oh well there goes my weekend but happy for the $$$!
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I had to have my Hamster put to sleep today
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That's sad about your hamster.
I went shopping today to pick up some small gifts for my dad's birthday (and some stuff for me too!)
Anyhow I bought an oversized glass maritini glass and was going to fill it with small ornaments. I carried it into the house with other packages-on was canned cat food. You guessed it-the cans touched the glass and it broke in alot of pieces. It was $17 too!! RATS!!!!!!!(insert other words here)
Now I have to find another one to buy.
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OK, I need to vent this weekend's shennanigans..... or rather RUNE's weekend shennanigans. Well... Rune was out all weekend. He was out Thursday night singing, then Friday night with work and then saturday night with uni friends. This I don't object to. I worked all weekend to stay away form his hangovers. Now I only had a total of 3 hours sleep between Friday morning and Sunday evening. This wasn't a good start. Friday was ok..... saturday however, I come home from work, wanting nothing more than to get home, get something to eat and put my feet up and spend half an hour with Rune before he disappears off out again. What I find is a strange woman in our kichen cooking meatballs, apparenlty an old uni friend that I had been warned about - if I had been warned, I would have cleaned the place first and made some sort of effort not to disgust her with the state of the flat. So anyway, I can't get into the kitchen to make any food. Bearing in mind I'm running on 3 hours sleep and a cup of tea. So I get mad. What makes me madder, is when they announce they're going to the store, would I like anything. I say yes, please bring me something to eat. Do they? No. So I have to go out again. Now I have to admit, by this time I'd been really snippy with Rune and probably not the nicest hostess to this woman either, but given the circumstances, it could have been worse. However, Rune pulls me to one side and tells me to stop "acing up" - like I'm a two year old in need of a scolding. The flounce out and he tells me he'll be back at around 1am. NO such luck. He came in at three.

He really really really made me mad this weekend, but for somereason, I was the evil one. Why is that?
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my knee is hurting me for some odd reason.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy
my knee is hurting me for some odd reason.
Mine is too and its all swelled up!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy
my knee is hurting me for some odd reason.
I'm sorry to hear about that! Maybe that chocolate I'm sending you will make it feel better!
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The final piece of my Christmas shopping was supposed to arrive

I checked the tracking and the couriers said that nobody was in to receive the parcel and a card was left. I have been in all day - sat near to the door -and nothing, not even a card!! I had to try to get contact details for them through the website - otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue that it on it's way!

I did see a van (not marked with the courier's logo) pull up outside my next door neighbour's house and slam the letterbox repeatedly, that I wonder if they got the wrong house?! I don't even hold my breath that next door will drop off the card if it has gone there

I'm so upset
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He has ONE job around the house. ONE. And this morning he FORGETS to take the garbage can and recycle bin out to the curb. I'm not doing it, I tell you. I am not doing it!!!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
I miss my son.
Hugs to you. I miss mine, too. He's very bad about keeping in touch and visiting.
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1) In a slight panic as not all of our presents have been shipped even though I ordered them 3 weeks ago (from one of those warehouse companies). So I may not have presents for the Weekend if they don't ship TONIGHT!
2) Stupid Girl almost ran me over at lunch today turning left from the right turn lane -I was in the left turn lane WITH my left turn signal on and she gave me THE LOOK like I was doing something wrong

That's really all though.
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Work is totally stressing me out cuz I have Friday off and I KNOW for a fact that they will be so busy that I will come back Monday to a really big mess

And I have to leave Harley for 4 days while I'm gone and I'm going to miss him TOO much!
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He'll miss you too...don't leave any jackets on the floor!
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
He'll miss you too...don't leave any jackets on the floor!
Thanks for that reminder!
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Moss has a Kidney infection
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Originally Posted by Shem
Moss has a Kidney infection
Oh poor girl! I hope she recovers soon.
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It's storming here in Porirua!
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I try not to moan cause I just get angry and put it on with my husband.
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I can't get back to sleep which is unheard of for me
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Every time I see this thread title pop up on the first page I think of people actually moaning rather than complaining... Every time... so I'm finally going to participate in this thread to get it out of my system...

Ooooooooo... Ohhhhhhh... Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmmm...

Okay, my life is complete now!
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