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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Thank you...it's not a huge procedure but sort of invasive to her neck and stuff, and I started crying when she told me. I don't like the thought of her in pain...
I'd cry too!

They will both me in my prayers
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Very sorry to hear about your mom and her friend. Hope your mom's surgery goes well.

I know there are people out there who have it a lot worse than me but I would feel better if I just vented a bit!

We are so busy at work!!!!! We have a dr schedule so the drs know which tech is working with them each day. We usually have 2 techs working up front with the drs and another that stays in the back and does bloodwork, sets up for sx, etc.

We are short staffed right so there are only 3 of us techs. One tech is on the schedule 16 times, the other 17 and I am on the schedule 37 times!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't that seem a little insane?? I am so tired and stressed out.

My second rant is that we are unable to find a house. We were supposed to rent a house back in December. We gave the person who owned it all our information and they were supposed to call us back with a final decision on Christmas Eve. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM EVER AGAIN!! We were all set to move and had to sign another lease in this place for another year. We are looking to buy a house but it's almost impossible for us to afford.

*end of rant* That felt good. That being said I am happy and thankful to be alive and (somewhat) healthy.

Sorry this was so long and thanks for listening!!!
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I have been putting in a lot of overtime at work. We have been short two people (one on vacation and the other got the ax for plain immaturity like showing up to work late everyday and even having her boyfriend call in sick for her). There will be one more week of it next week, then the one on vacation will be back and hopefully someone new will be starting.

On top of it, I have a miserable cold and sore throat. I also still haven't heard from a place I interviewed at that I was supposed to hear from this past week. I REALLY wanted that job!!!

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This is more of a moan for my roommate: I just found out the poor honey got broken up with last night. I've been camping since Thursday night and am not quite back to the apartment yet, but you can bet I'm well prepared to provide chick flicks, ice cream, and a brigade of other women to sit around and complain about men with her. Most of all, I'm ready with the shoulder I KNOW she's needing right now. Anyone have any positive vibes to send to her? You all were so helpful when I was going thruogh my rough time in September.
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That sucks. Bring lots of ice cream. Ooh chocolate always helps too!
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