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I'm dreading Monday....

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and it's only Saturday! I need some extra prayers for wisdom and things. I'm not sure exactly how much I can say because of confidentiality, but I have to do what is the equivelent of firing someone. I have a student who is everything from disruptive to rude and disrespectful, bad attitude all the way around. The student is not retaining any of what they are being taught, regardless of the method of instruction (we've tried so many different menthods!). My job is to get people ready to re-enter the workforce. After twice as long as most students this person is not. The training is paid for by the state. This person is not 'work ready' and doesn't really even demonstrate a desire to learn/get a job. Basically this person needs thier disability declared severe enough that they are not able to work at this point. So it has been decided by the person's counselor (who authorizes payment) and several people from my orginization that this is not the best way to help this person.

We've gone well above and beyond (oh the stories I have!) and still not come out sucessful! I know we've done more than required, but I still feel like we are giving up. In some ways I am relieved, but I'm also dreading this terribly! I know it will either end in a big dramatic scene or it will end in a quiet but most likely still dramatic scene. I've only been working with this company since Feb and in this position since August. My boss was involved as well as another instructor with the decision and I trust thier judgement on this. But I feel bad about it, but this person has become so disruptful that other students look at this person with disgust! What a mess...

Sorry to be so long...I just needed to get it out!
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That sucks!! Poor you.. I'm sure it'll be all fine in the end though, try not to worry. Easier said than done I know
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I would be a ball of nerves as matter how terribly a person is doing it still sucks to have to give them bad news. I'm sending you many calming vibes this weekend.
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Awww...sending you strength vibes!!
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This must be the most difficult aspect of your job. It's so understandable why you are feeling so burdened by this task. You've gone above and beyond to assist this individual, and it seems nothing is effective. You are doing well to consider the welfare of the other students who are not able to learn their material due to this one disruptive person.

Sending strength your way!
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i hope it goes well
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Don't feel bad, there will always some folk that can't be helped. I'm sure for every one you can't help (and I'm guessing you remember them the most) there must be dozens that have benefited from the work you have done.

One day, they might be ready to make something of their life, but you can't help everyone. So take comfort in the ones you do.
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You can only do so much to help someone that does not seem to want to be helped, and I have no doubt that you have done all you can. If they are preventing others from getting the most out of their instruction, they do not deserve any more help or sympathy. Call me paranoid, but if this person is that bad, you may want to consider having some form of security nearby when you have to speak to them. People have been known to get very nasty when others get fed up with them and will not accept any more foolishness. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
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I hope all goes well for you. I know what you have to do is not fun or easy.
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im sure its not going to be easy exspecialy if your the type of person who has a open heart and easy going with fellow employees But just be strong and do what you half to do im sure you've done a wonderful job with people getting them ready for the work forse Don't let one Bad apple ruin your Day

Sending your way hang in there lets us know what happens
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I used to be in a job where I had to fire people occasionally and it was always the worst part of the job. But I used to think that it was, in the long run, doing a favour to the person. Either they were in the wrong job, or it was a wake-up call to get their act together. So I tried to be positive even though I was doing a difficult thing. Good luck, I am sure you will be fine and have a terrific sense of relief afterwards.
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that really sucks... but you've got to be thinking of what you're doing for the rest of your students. By letting this disruptive individual go, you are saving however many other students who really DO want to learn and find new work. What is the story behind him? Is he just a lazy toad intending to mooch on the system, or does he have good reason to be the way he is? I don't quite understand that... but think about it, you have been stretched to the very limits with this guy, and now you've hit a breaking point. You can either keep going with him and risk problems for the rest of the students, or you can let him go and concentrate your efforts where they are really going to be worth something. Don't let this ratbag bring you and everyone else down. He has brought this upon himself, and he's just going to ahve to suffer the consequences of his actions.

So don't beat yourself up, you've done your best - and we all know you're strong enough to cope with this! BIG vibes for Monday
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I'm sorry you have to go through this. I am sending strength vibes to you. I hope it is all over quickly with a good outcome.
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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the encouragement. I'm planning on wearing a suit instead of my usual 'business casual' so maybe I'll be a little more authoritative looking. Because of my age there are issues there sometimes. I'm thinking of having my husband drive me to work so my car won't be there for them to take thier anger out on if they choose that route. I don't think it will come to that, but I deffinately won't be alone and they will be watched. I'll update ya'll tomorrow.
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Ok Monday is almost over! The meeting went as to be expected...except the person's counselor caved! Instead what was decided was that the person has 2 weeks to finish the book they are in and that is it. Too bad for them that even with that, they don't have the 'work behavior' grade to get a certificate. At least it's only 2 more weeks and not till Christmas! Better than nothing. And let me tell you, I am not taking a thing from this person durring the 2 weeks or that will be it for them...I will make my say the final say! (I probably wouldn't be so irritated if the person hadn't sat there lying to thier counselor and I know the counselor knew it was lying too...)

Thanks again for your encouragement everyone! It helped so much! I was much more confident going in the meeting than I expected.
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I am so glad it went OK, and you have got a satisfactory if not perfect outcome. Next time you have to do something unpleasant it will be that much easier.
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You're such a strong person, stronger than you know .

I'm glad things went without a lot of drama and that you'll be free of the disruption in just a couple of weeks!
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I am sorry you did not get the exact outcome you wanted, but it sounds like you handled it well. Way to go!
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