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Two questions

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Hi all.

I have two cats, the black one is Maxi and the black and white one is Meg (they are sisters):

The two questions are:

1. Why do my cats, mostly Maxi, seem to like licking my hair

2. Maxi is quite a shy cat whereas Meg is more outgoing and adventurous and Maxi likes to lick people's hair, including Megs, only Meg isn't particularly fond of it and will hiss and attack Maxi if she tries to lick her. Why would this be?

Maxi is also a far more obediant cat and tends to obey the rules, e.g she has never peed in the house whereas Meg has and Meg will take some chicken from Maxi's plate and eat it, but if there is chicken on Megs plate and not on Maxi, Maxi will still stick to her plate.

The situation between these two is generally fine though, but I just thought I'd ask for your opinions
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Like in a dog pack, cats have a loose "pack" hierarchy - it changes a lot more then in a dog pack. One is more dominate then the other. Every kitten in a litter will have a different personality.

In our last litter, I was planning on keeping one of the boys, BUT every time I went in to let the kittens out one of the little females was the first to be at my feet, crying to be picked up.

She wanted to stay - so in the end we kept her and found homes for her brothers and sisters.
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As for Maxi's licking, it could be that she is trying to make people (and Meg) smell like her. That ties in with what GoldenKitty45 said about the hierarchy, and Meg may not be thrilled with Maxi wanting dominance over her. As long as Maxi listens to Meg when she says stop, I wouldn't be to concerned.
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Trying to get cats to obey your rules is generally a frustrating situation. Understand cat behavior will allow you to have harmony in your home as you learn to redirect what you consider to be undesirable behavior into more acceptable ones and keep the balance among the cats when you do.
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Ok thanks for all the replies
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