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Things are back to normal!

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Uh oh, I don't think everything is okay on the site. I think it's all started up again. I'm going to try another post to make sure.
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This is just a test to check placement and time 02/26/02 @ 1:06 PM CST
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test....wonder where this is going to show up!?!?
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Talk about coincidence, but just as I was having problems with the site, now the school had problems with the internet so I just barely came on. Something weird is going on! But at least we're back. I was getting a little panicky!
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I posted the last one at 1:03 p.m. mountain time and its February 26, 2002. It is in the middle. Is not normal yet.
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Hi guys!

I have NO idea what the problem was. Maybe the server? It was all very strange, but at least it's over!

how is everyone!?!?!?
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Hi everyone! I'm so glad the site is 'functional' again! Glad to be back.
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I'm in the middle of emailing you right now!

I'm so long winded!
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Thank God!!!!!!!!! Now we can all get back to our normal posting!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was going through withdrawel! :laughing:

Anybody got a life I can borrow?
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That's soooo funny, Colby ~ I read your post about you being in the middle of emailing, and immediately thereafter, my email alert 'dinged'. :LOL: Well... maybe you had to be here.
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Whoopie!!!!!!!! I felt so lost and talk about being bored. This is how I spend a lot of my time at work and I had to find different things to do to occupy my time!
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I'm SO glad the site is back to normal! It was kinda wierd that my posts were going all over the place! Woo hoo!
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Now it's taking me forever to even bring up the forums, go to the lounge and post a response. I've spent the last 30 minutes just trying to get into the forums. I also have noticed the times on the posts in the thread are not correct. Hmmmmmmmm
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AP, going thru withdrawl, huh??? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband said I looked lost!!!
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Or as normal as it can be. It still loads really slow though, but at least it is loading!
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