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Update Major Grey

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Well, I went away for Thursday all day/night and Friday all day.
I was worried about Major Grey, but there was someone to leave
out food, so I hoped for the best....

What happened was he never was "seen" the food was
partially eatn, but not as enthusiastically as when I am

So I came back Friday night - at about feeding time. My cat sitter
had come, and put out food at 6:30, no Grey....

I went out at 7:00 in the light drizzle and called - and lo and
behold he CAME forth... from where I do not know...

So I fed him, and the poor dear stayed in the yard sheltering...
I could not see him using the cat shelter (which is now up on
hay bales) but... later that night when I went to check, he
was under the deck stairs, poor thing. I THINK I may have
disturbed him so he came out of the cat sheter (which has
two openings so he can quick scram if he feels need...).

I am not certain that is where he was but... I THINK that is
the case. If so I would be DELIGHTED that he was in the bottom
level of the shelter...

When I put the food out he did something strange the second
time I came out.. he BURIED the food dish!! I think this was
to keep smell from attracting other animals?? Anyway it
was sooo touching...

I am hopeful that he will use the shelter - I left the bottom lined
with a fleece scarf and with a pair of smelly panties (LOL!!). I
figured he would associate the shelter with ME! Guess who hopped
in promptly this am?? That's right my little Lexie cat!! Maybe
she will "teach" him to go in there... I just hope so.

I want him to know the shelter is there BEFORE it gets all cold.

I am thinking of putting a second house out (I do have 2) so he
has a choice in positioning etc... Is this a good idea or would it
confuse him??

any thoughts on this? I really want him to associate the yard
with safety and with comfort - so he KNOWS to come and
sleep here when it is VERY cold, rainy etc.out side (I have a set
of snuggle safe disks for the shelter to keep it warm..)
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Aw, what a smart boy. He did not trust the imposter, but came back when he heard his Mommy calling!

He will decide where to sleep. Our boy Will (in my avatar), has a nice bed up on the dryer. He choses other spots to sleep. Once, ds left his golf bag in the garage, and Will slept on it. Today, I had my bathroom rug in the garage while I was cleaning, and found Will laying on that.

If Major Grey is happy under the deck stairs, can you put a shelter under there?
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I can well imagine how glad you were to see him safe again. It sounds like he will be quite cozy this winter.
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Major Grey is a lucky cat to have you for a mama. I agree about trying to put the shelter under the deck stairs
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I am glad he is safe. He is 'burying' his food to keep it safe for later, so predators or other cats will not find it. It means he has had enough, but enjoyed it and wants to come back to it.
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