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It has been weird. The cats have been running like the hounds of hell are after them. They go from the basement up to the upstairs and down again. I really wouldn't mind, except that they do it at 2:00 in the morning LOL. They sound like a herd of baby elephants! Maybe it is also the spring like weather we are having here already?

Ok - how come my post is now listed 1st? I didn't start this thread.
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Jeez, and I thought Rascal was seeing ghosts! He has been looking at the walls and jumping and leaping after them. He is also been meowing a lot. Its not for food or attention or the need to go out. He just starts yowling. So, if its the moon, then my question has been answered.
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Is the full moon affecting anyone else's cats? In the past, I have had several that got, progressively rowdy, as the moon approached total and, then, took several days, to "come down". Opie has had a case of the crazies, for the past few days. Lord knows what he'll be like, tomorrow, during the total full moon! Maybe, I should rethink that pot of catnip, that I'm trying to grow. :flower:
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and my horses are crazed too!:tounge2: They are both in their 20's and they have been running around like maniac 2 year olds!!
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It's not just the animals. I worked swing shift, last night (at a Walgreen's) and most of the customers were whacked out, too. Even, the people, on the phone were crazy! Last night was just the run-up - tonight the full moon is total. By the time that I get off work, I may be a gibbering idiot! Good thing, that I have a four-day weekend. It may take me that long to recover.
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I noticed merlin has been behaving rather irratically lately...I thought maybe he was going through his second childhood....:LOL:
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Some of you may have had this happen already but it took me by surprise early this morning. I think the craziness is still out there and it resulted in my cat lesson for the day: Be very careful if you have to wash near a male cat's, uhm, urination area...otherwise, you may get surprise not unlike what you may get when changing the diaper of a baby boy .
First of all, I had to give my cat a quick rinse in the bath two days ago after he strategically launched himself between me, my feet and my dinner...which included a glass of carbonated beverage. He was not happy when he got a big splash of the drink on his back . I scooped him up and went right to the tub with him. I was in such a hurry to clean him up that I sustained a few war wounds. I didn't have a good grip on him and he sort of crawled up me. But, things were ok since he wasn't in the tub for long, and he was soon warm and cozy again.
Now, early this AM, I came around the corner to see him emerging from the litter box. As he walked over to his food area, I saw a distinctive brown glob drop from his butt (he's a white cat so it's easy to see stuff on him). I took him over to his litter box area (I have an old sheet under the pan to catch errant litter) to set him down for a look. As he was relaxing, I got the no rinse cleaner to wipe poo marks from his tail and butt area. As I was wiping around back there, all of a sudden a stream of urine squirted out . I caught most of it in the paper towel but some of it got on the sheet (doing laundry at the moment). What was even more unpleasant was that I was using my wounded hand to do the wiping...I hope I don't get some weird cat wee infection .
I'm trying to keep my sense of humor about these weird episodes, and if I can stop the squirting incident from happening to anyone else, my babbling was worth it .
I hope that you all have a fantabulous Thursday.
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Make sure you wash your wounded hand WELL! and I hope your day goes better:tounge2:
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Poor Vikki...What an unpleasant surprise...I'm sure if you just keep it cleaned that nothing will happen.
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I'm sorry, but I really couldn't help laughing!
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Hey Sunlion - it is kinda funny...... OOPs! lookout!!! You'll lose an EYE BWAAAHAHAHAH :tounge2: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Thanks everyone. Actually, I was laughing fairly soon after the incident. Later, I had a nice chat with a friend who has an 11 month old baby; we were comparing bad bodily function experiences :laughing: .
So far we're both ok over here. After Gui had a hearty breakfast all was forgiven. He's lounging beside me right now.
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when stuff like that happens, my cats get embarrassed themselves! :tounge2: Jake had an incident where....er...a poopie...got stuck and he was HORRIFIED that it happened.... if he had cheecks he woulda been
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Don.t worry, too much, about a kitty wee infection. Unless, the cat has a UTI, urine is pretty clean stuff, just unpleasant. Thank God, my four-day weekend has started!! Last night's full moon sent every nut, in Northwest Tucson, into my store! On top of that, a LOT of this week's sale prices didn't get into the system. Naturally, its MY fault, that the discounts don't ring up. One woman bitched to my manager, because she didn't save $.50, on her tissues. I, almost, reached into my pocket, to give her the half a buck, just to get rid of her! By the way, she was driving a Mercedes! On a lighter note, Opie is, relatively, quiet. Yesterday, he slept until 12:30 pm and, today, he is STILL asleep! He's as lazy as my ex-husband (but a whole lot cleaner).
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Katl8e said:
He's as lazy as my ex-husband (but a whole lot cleaner).

DITTO ON THAT! :tounge2:
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