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What's your poison?

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I was just sitting here musing - I have a bottle or three of smirnoff ice seeing as Rune is out playing poker with his mates tonight - and I was wondering what everyone else drinks? Especially if you're at home, and you just feel like a little splurge on yourself....
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I love the sweet tasting coolers..like cranberry or raspberry
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Usually it's one of 2 drinks: rum mixed with pineapple or other fruit drink, or a shot of very good tequila - sipped straight up, no rocks, no salt, no lime (don't need those with good tequila).
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I like spirits sometimes, but they are prohibitively expensive here so if we feel like a treat its usually just a bottle of red.
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I like Vodka. I am a true Russian! LOL. I like Vodka and orange juice - that is what I usually get if I go out to a club (which is never).

But if I never had Vodka or any alcohol again in my life, I woudln't even miss it. (except maybe wine heh).
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It really depends on the situation. Summertime it's usually beer in bottles, especially at the rifle range or following a match. At clubs and parties it's rum & Diet Coke (or diet Dr. Pepper). At home in the evenings to relax, it's a rose or mild red wine (I don't like dry wines, so it has to be a semi-sweet or sweet wine).
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None of the above. I like Virgin Mary's
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When I do drink, which is such a rare occasion that I might as well say I never do, I mix a little white wine with a lot of juice like v8 splash or something. (Is there a name for that?) I think I'd like to try some other things sometime, I just have no desire to actually get drunk or even get a buzz or anything so I never get around to it.
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I chose "beer in bottl" b/c I'm a Corona Light kinda gal (when I'm not on-call, which isn't often ).
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Beer in a bottle, mostly imported, usually German or Dutch brews, occasionally English (although they tend to be too hoppy for me, I find the German brews as a class fuller bodied and more malty without so much hops,) and recently some Scottish Ales as well (Belhaven.) Our domestic of choice is Rock Green Light. Wouldn't touch Bud with a 10' pole ...

On the VERY rare occasions when we get beer in a can I always feel like I'm slumming, and it goes straight from can into a beer glass or mug. Can't stand drinking beer out of a can anymore .
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I enjoy Malibu Coconut Rum in Pineapple Juice or White Zinfandel.
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bottle beer,

but since the last few times i have mixed between spirits, beer and wine, i chose anything and everthing

i really wanna try tequila and sucking salt and lime together! but i know that those spirits will kill my throat through to my belly lol
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I like peach tea, no spirits.
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I rarely drink actually - and when I do, it is one glass of chardonnay or a glass of beer. So I am pretty pedestrian in my tastes, lol I like a Nova Scotia beer called Schooner tho I'll also drink Alexander Keith. There is also a lemon flavoured beer made in Quebec that I like - can't recall the name tho. (In the US I tend to drink Bud Lite and in Ireland, Harp). I had a glass of rum and coke at my brother's wedding reception but that was last year, lol
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Jack Daniels' is my preferred hard drink and I enjoy a snifter of Courvoisier, on cold nights. For an aperitif, I like Godiva Liqueur.
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On the whole, I'm a scotch girl -- Ballantines usually, but any of several single malts (Highland Park or Dalwhinney, at the moment) for a special occasion. But I also enjoy a beer (Stella Artois, please and thanks) or a cider (the drier, the better -- especially in warm weather), and I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner -- Chateau Cardboard for everyday, a bottle of whatever goes with the meal for special meals -- the wine rack has mostly Aussie wines at the moment, and is ready to be restocked whenever I get around to it. For after dinner, a nice brandy, or almost anything brandy-based: B&B, or Rob's Own Orange Brandy, for instance, or (something we haven't done for quite a while) a dessert wine, such as Elysium.
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Almost any beer I've tried except for Leinenkugels BerryWeiss (Wisconsin brew) gave me a headache. I don't drink that often. During the summer, strawberry margaritas or rum & Coke. Winter - Hot cocoa with a shot of mint schnapps.
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Root Beer. Oh, that wasn't one of the choices?
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I dont drink very often...at all...maybe once a year...I got all that drinking out when I was a teenager..... ...
(* Note: Underage drinking is wrong )

Anthoo when I do drink...Its Margarittas all the way...I love tequilla
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I didn't vote but I'll try anything!
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Oh, I should add that there's a LOT of beers I haven't been able to try because of Alabama's totally ridiculous and outmoded beer laws . I am a proud member of FreeTheHops! .
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I'm tea-total
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When I'am at home relaxing (usually on a weekend) in the evenings I'll have a glass of white wine...nothing too dry. But if I'm out at a club or at a party I'll usually drink beer (bottle) or voda w/ orange juice.
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I don't drink much any more, but I do love the occasional pitcher of White Russians. If I am really in the mood for a little self abuse, I like Lemon Drops. You take a shot of Citrus Absolut Vodka, lemon slices and sugar, then you do the shot the way you do tequila with lemon and salt. Jello Shots are very popular around here, and there's always room for Jello! Cherry Jello with Rumplemintz, yummy!
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I love vodka, martinis, and jack & coke. I also like asahi with sushi. I'll do cocktails when I go out, but never anything blended. Crushed ice makes it harder to get the alcohol out.
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I should ahve had a tee-total option up - but I think I was too alcohol soaked to think of that one!! Sorry! I think the only drink I REALLY learned to stay away from is Aftershock... ugh, that was one really ugly hangover. The really ironic thing was the fact that I'd only had two other drinks in the night - I adore peach schnapps and lemonade and that's what I drink virtually every time I'm out and about (you have to really watch your glasses and bottles where I came from because people spike them, and you can taste if there's something wrong in p.s/lem - and it's also clear, so if there's something put in you can see it before you drink it - otherwise keep your hand over your glass and never let it out of your sight) so anyway, I had these two glasses of my favourite, and at some point, I was talked into a shot of aftershock..... and then everything went fuzzy from there.....
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Rose wine for me, and if not that anything thats going!
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I keep smirnoff ice or woodys ice at home, during football its beer in a bottle and if we are out at dinner its usually cocktails, once I have had a few drinks it usually moves up to jack and coke.

I gave up on the straight spirits after university... I too had an ugly experience with aftershock (that could have been something to do with mixing all three flavours on a dare though) and again with banana flavoured vodka which tasted so great we decided not to mix it with anything.
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It depends on where I am. If I'm somewhere where I can get drinks with ice cream, I will. Grasshoppers, A-Bombs, Mudslides, Brandy Alexanders, basically anything that has cream in it, but with ice cream. Otherwise I like Cosmos, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Ice Teas, Screaming Orgasms and drinks like that. I'll drink beer if it's from a tap, otherwise it's too beer-y for me. I love Margaritas too. Jello shots. I like drinks that don't taste like alcohol too much, and I always ask the bartender what they recommend (hence all the weird drinks). I rarely drink though, really!
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My favorite is Bailey's. I also love Malibu Bay Breezes and my new favorite is a Southern Halo.
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