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One wish

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I thought this might be fun......

I have been watching the new show called "Three Wishes", here in the US, with Amy Grant as the host, and it has made me wonder, if this show was to ever come through my town, and grant me one wish, what would my wish made me stop and think, and I don't know yet, I am still pondering..

Anybody know what their wish would be?
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My wish would be for every cat, kitten, dog and puppy to have a loving, permanent home, and all feral cats to be S/N, with caretakers to watch over them for the rest of their lives. No more sitting in cages in shelters, no more wandering the streets desperately trying to survive. No more killing of loving, innocent animals simply because there is no place for them.

If only that wish could come true...
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I would wish for people to learn to accept each other regardless of belief, age, abilities or disabilities, sex or colour: to realise that no matter how diverse our cultures are we are all individuals to be accepted as we are, and that we are all the same underneath our skins.
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Well, after some thought, I would wish for the ability to take in more strays, cat's and dog's alike, to show them love and happiness....but the realistic/financial side of me has to limit it to my 6 that I have now.
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My wish would be to have my grandparen't needs taken care of. Everything from cleaners to gardeners and modifications to thier homes to make them more accessable (like a dumbwaiter so they don't have to carry laundry downstairs and things). Also to have thier medications and medical bills paid for.
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This would be a bit too heavy for Amy Grant, but my one wish would be a cure for the diabetes that may end up taking Bradley one day .
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I would wish for one more dollar than I could ever spend. Then I could build cat sanctuaries, staff and supply them properly, donate money for research to cure horrible diseases, and make sure my precious granddaughter would never want for anything, and could get a top notch education. Ok, I would get out of debt and buy a nice car, too.
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I wish that I could quit working and spend all of my time with my furkids and help out more with rescue.
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I really don't like that show--it just seems so fake and staged--BUT, if they came here I'd probably wish for...a doggy day-care. I wanted to start one a long time ago, but I didn't think anyone here would pay for it. However, if it was free and I put no money in it, it'd be worth a shot.
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I would wish for a worldwide end to animal abuse.
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My wish is that not one more dog, cat, bird, horse, reptile etc..... be put down in a shelter because no one wanted them I want them all even though I cant have them if that makes any sence, and I love them all in their passing even if no one else does.
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Save the Tiger species from going extinct. At the rate of the poaching of Tigers they will be gone in 10 years.
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I would wish every animal to never have to expeirence fear or pain again.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
This would be a bit too heavy for Amy Grant, but my one wish would be a cure for the diabetes that may end up taking Bradley one day .
I wish that for you too
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I love this show, it is such a feel good show- there aren't to many of those around anymore. i really don't know what I would wish for, everything I want- stiffer penalties for animal abusers, no more starving kids in America and no more poverty period is not within Amy and her team's realm to grant.
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You guys are the most unselfish people I have ever seen. Not one person wished for anything for themself like a new car or new house, etc. I am so proud to know you and I pray that all your wishes come true. I have a selfish wish and that is I wish I had a cat like the one I see pictures of on here named Reilly. That cat is a beauty.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I wish that for you too
Thanks Mackenzie .
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