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Where is your babies favorite place to sit?

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Where do you babies like to sit most of the time?

Isis likes to sit on my shoulder unless of course I am typing then she sits on the keyboard. Salem likes to be in my lap ALL the time no matter wher I am sitting.
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She likes to be right under me or on me, no matter where i am!
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Niles likes to lie on any surface he has to knock things off of before he can fit :/
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in the bathroom sink.
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Sierra is by my side where ever I am unless Serenity is having her crazies, in which case she gets up on the dresser or the fridge. Serenity stays as close to me as possible regardless of what I'm doing.
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Tigger loves to sit in my chair if I'm not in it, on the bathroom vanity (hoping for water drips) or in the window watching squirrels. If I'm on the computer, then she is on top of me.

And Callie is anywhere Tigger is... driving Tigs crazy. Callie is a hyper kitty and I always picture her saying "wanna play, wanna play, wanna play?" as she pokes and prods at Tigger.
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Sylvester is usually on the left side of the couch, curled up. My kitten seems to be everywhere at once! She loves sitting and watching my crickets, though.
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Jamie likes to sit on one of his window perches and watch the birds, etc.. He also likes to sit on a chair out on the (secured) balcony, because he can see the main street in town from there and get some sun. In the morning, he's usually draped across my shoulders.
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Wherever I am, generally. I always have an entourage. If I'm in the computer room, they are in any empty chairs or on the cat condo. If I'm in the bathroom, they hop into the hamper, sink, or bathtub. If we're in the bedroom, they're on the bed. And so on.
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Eppie likes to sit on the backs of the couches or in the window. If I'm in bed, she likes to lay on top of me and if I'm at the computer, she likes to sit behind me in the computer seat.

If Cosette isn't asleep, she ISN'T sitting down! She is running around playing, playing, playing!
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Molly likes the dining room chairs, and Megan likes the futon in the guest room(note sig).
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Oscar likes to lay on the table and cricket likes her tower and Bonk Bonk she sits in the window
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Jack likes my lap and the floor by my feet. Henry likes the little ledge in my kitchen (she knows she needs to stay there and not to get on the counter, but of course has to test me at times). When I'm getting ready in the morning Henry sits on the toilet tank and Jack usually on the floor by my feet.
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Miss. Kitty like's to liedown anywhere sunny.
Samatha like to sit anywhere high up.
And Charlie like's to sit in the kitchen sink and on this little cusion on my desk right beside me. ^^
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Jack likes to lay on my chest when I am laying down...all 11 pounds of him..
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Jinx prefers anybody's lap. We've spoiled him, lol, now he wants to be with us 24/7. He's naturally an outdoor cat, and in the end he prefers it out there, but when we let him in, it's either the chair that he normally sleeps in, or somebody's lap.
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Cupid's favorite place to sit is in my shirt. When he was little, I held him all the time and when I needed my hands free, I would put him in my shirt and fold it under him so it became sort of like a hammock. Now that he's bigger he rarely fits in my shirts--only when I have on a baggy/stretchy shirt--but he will paw at the opening until I put him in. Second to that, he likes sitting in my hand when I wrap my arm around him and cup him, usually when he wants in my shirt. If he can't be on me, he likes sitting in the window.
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