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I feed him Purina dry and Purina wet. Dry for the morning and wet in the night.
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By-products sound icky to us humans, but when cats hunt they eat the whole mouse or bird, icky feet, brains, lungs, intestines and all. (Sometimes they leave the feathers though - ugh!)

Canned is probably better than dry because of the water content, cats who only get dry often don't drink enough to compensate. But dry is a little better for their teeth, so now I'm feeding about 2/3 canned and 1/3 dry - Science Diet Oral Care for their teeth.
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I leave dry food out all the time (1/2 ans 1/2 mixture of science diet regular and natures best) and my two cats split a facny feast can in the moring and the at night. I feed every wet food every 12 hours. So if I feed them at 7:00 am I feed them at 7pm and they can eat the dry food whenever they like.
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I free fed dry food too. Your system sounds good.
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