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Well, there are stormy waters ahead. The landlord just called with some excuse to come round tonight. But I think his real reason is to have another go at persuading me to let them go. Normally he only comes round twice a month, to collect the rent and the utility money. Board magic please to help me cope and to stay calm.
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Oh i hope everything goes ok Jenny! Does he take bribes?!, because i'd send him something over that you can't really get out there if it came to it just to keep him from banging his gums!
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i'm so glad you're keeping them - they look so happy!
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Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!! And yeah again for helping Sisco!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh crazy landlord hope he doesnt want anything to do with the kitties
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I knew you couldn't let them go after all the caring and heealing you have done for them - they are very very lucky to have you.

What your land lord's problem - you said you were leaving for France in a few months - can't he just let that be until then? Maybe offer to pay a small rent for them - money can be very persuasive (sp?) All the luck - I am crossing my fingers!!!!
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You rock for nursing them to health and for keeping them. They are gorgeous!

Lots of good luck dealing with the curmudgeonly landlord. Hopefully he isn't coming to make a stink.

Do keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Jenny what an angel you are. 2 more precious kitties in your household. They are gorgeous boys.

yay!!!!! another two lovely kittyes for The White Cat Club from TCS!!!

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Well, he has been and gone. He is a nice man really - we have always got on well. It is just that for any landlord five cats is a lot, and here it is unheard of. He has not read the riot act, but he just can't understand where I am coming from - I think he considers me a bit crazy (maybe I am!). He just kept trying to persuade me that five is too many and that if I can't find a home for them then they would be fine living with the large colony down in the hospital grounds. He said Bosnians consider it unlucky to kill a cat and no one would harm them. But I stuck my ground and said I had tried to find them a home, that if someone came along now I would consider it (like hell!!) but that it would have to be a real home and that putting them outside to live was not an option. So we left it at that. My next fear is catnapping. John, my room mate is now saying they need to go outside during the day like the girls do ( I have so far only taken them out on harnesses) and I am afraid that if I let them out on their own they might 'disappear'. While I am away next week I would not put it past John to let them out. Am I getting paranoid?
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No you are not paranoid - just protective of your babies - believe me most here on this board would feel the same. Is there any way you can keep them in your room for the daytime where he can't get to them?
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