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kitten limp

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My momma cat (April) and 5 kittens reject my new baby orphan kitten. They hiss and growl at it. Will they eventually learn to get along or will this little kitty just be miserable here?
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What is the age difference between the kittens?

Obviously, they should not be left alone until you can be sure they won't harm the orphan.

One trick that I have heard of is to rub the mommas scent on the baby (take a cloth and rub the cheeks of the mom, then rub the orphan with the cloth, several times) If they don't 'recognize' the kitten by scent, they will see it as a threat. I would just take it slow at first.
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You need to feed the kitten yourself- www.kitten-rescue.com will guide you. Sometimes, the transference doesn't work, or the orphaned kitten is sick. Please become proactive NOW and start bottle feeding the baby.
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suckling a little emergency vet said $150 to see
HELP seems to be struggling to breath
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Get him to the vet now! There is nothing that anyone can do for you over the internet, if you have a kitten that is fading, you have two choices, get the kitten to a vet, or lose the kitten. Sorry to be blunt, but if this kitten is fading, there may be nothing a vet can do, but at least he can try to save it.
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help me keep her alive until then PLEASE
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ditto what she said. A limp kitten who is struggling to breathe is a VERY SICK animal and needs seen immediately.
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my little furball passed. I'm heartbroken what do I do
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Robyn, I have no idea what is wrong with this kitten. Did it get to cold? is another kitten suckling on it? Does it have fleas? Could it be a congenital problem? Does it have hyporglycemia? The list is endless really. IF I was there, I could assess the situation and guide you, but I can't and I won't fly blind. I could tell you the wrong thing to do and it could go terribly wrong with this kitten, and I won't do that. I am sorry but you need to find a car and get this kitten to a vet if it is indeed fading on you. I am not trying to be hardnosed, just realistic
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And there you have it- I am sorry, but again it would be totally unwise for someone not there to tell you what to do, you needed a professional, and as you just found out, when they fade, they can go really quick. The kitten may not be dead yet, if it got to cold, you can warm it up and see if it comes back to you. Wrap it in a warmed towel and try syringing a tiny bit of strong black coffee in the mouth- sometimes they just go into stasis when they get cold and body heat and warmth will bring them back around
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Originally Posted by Robyn_Fresh
help me keep her alive until then PLEASE
I am so sorry, I can imagine how upset you are.

What I would do in the meantime is to dim the lights, hold her on your chest, where she can hear your heartbeat and keep her warm...the least amount of stress the better, IMO. I wouldn't try to give her anything by mouth (because of the breathing issues). Try to stay calm and talk softly to her, if she is fading...make her last moments as comfortable as possible. I wouldn't pet her to much...if anything, very gently.

I hope she can hold on and make it until you can get her to a vet.
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i dont have coffe is there anything else?
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Oh, I am so sorry. I could 'hear' the panic in your post...I can only imagine how heartbroken you are. It is never easy to lose a furry friend (especially a wee one). Ever.

One thing that can help is to know that sometimes they just are not strong enough to make it and nothing can change that. Is this the kitten that the others rejected? That may be why, they may have known it was sick. I dunno.

Just want to give you a big hug, I am so sorry.
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nope not really. You need strong caffiene to see if the heart will jump start, tea has a weak form of caffiene and won't work. If this was the orphan that the mom was rejecting, then mom cat knew something was wrong and she was protecting the rest of her litter which would be her instinct. I am sorry you lost a kitten, I know how heartbreaking it is.
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Any signs of life?
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She has passed. She had some fleas along with an upper respiratory infection(which she was on antibiotics for) and worms( which she had been dewormed for). How do I properly dispose of her body so animals won't get it? My momma cat as well as her feral momma cat had rejected her but she didnt seem so bad off about 4 hours ago. I'm heartbroken and I know my children will be as well. What happened to her so quickly?
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If there is anyway you can bury her, I would do that. But if you can't, then wrap her in newspaper, then put her in a ziplock bag (to keep the bugs off) seal it, and then wrap her in a plastic bag and place her deep in an outside trash can. There is no telling what took her life and doing a necropsy on her would mean you would have to keep her in the freezer until you could get her to the vet for the necropsy. The vet would send her out to a vet school (they usually do the necropsy there at the school and send the results to the vet) But with kittens, sometimes even after a necropsy you still have no clue why they died
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I am truly sorry for your loss. It's hard to say what did it, only a thorough examination (autopsy) by a vet could 'possibly' give you some answers. Then again, sometimes even then, they cannot find a medical cause. The fact that the other cats rejected her says that she was very seriously ill (even before you knew it). It's amazing how animals just 'know'.

If you can bury her, dig the hole fairly deep (at least 3-4 feet). It's so hard to even think about, I know.

Honestly, as sad as it is that she went so quickly, maybe that is a blessing too? If they are going to die, the least amount of time suffering, the better.

Again, I am so sorry. And I know it will be hard to explain to the kids. My thoughts are with you and your family. Are there any more kittens in the house? If so, it may be a good idea to get them checked out too.
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thank you. What happened to her? How could she have been doing ok and then at her next feeding time be so limp? My heart is broken and now I picked up one of my kittens and he growled at me. Can he smell the dead kittens scent on me? I'm confused.
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I have April (my oldest cat) and 5 of her kittens. This was an abandoned kitten;not one of April's. April's kittens are 10 weeks old now and all are plump and healthy as can be. They have an appointment for vaccinations on tuesday of next week. April is also set to be spayed at that time. I did keep furball separated from my other cats since April rejected her and I found out from the vet that she was ill.
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Yes he can smell her on you. You need to wash your hands, and change your clothes. Plus he senses you are stressed (when we are stressed, our scent changes) and he does not recognize you right now.

Fading Kitten Syndrome will eventually strike anyone who rescues orphaned kittens Robyn. There is no reason to give why it happens, it just does. It can happen to experienced rescuers and first-timers, and it is always a gut-wrenching feeling that leaves you wondering what you did wrong.

You did nothing wrong. Sometimes Nature just knows best and takes them. Chances are this little one had something congenital wrong with her, or the fleas and the worms killed her. It just happens and you try and accept it and move past when you can. Also since this kitten was in with the other kittens, keep a watchful eye on them. Treat the momcat with safe flea treatment (call your vet) and flea comb the kittens. I would toss the bedding out they are lying on right now, and put new bedding in. You don't want fleas to infest this litter or this momcat.
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moving this to crossing the bridge and will merge the other posting about this kitten in with this one
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I'm so sorry This poor baby is full of life over the bridge now with all the other cats to look after it
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RIP sweetheart - you are forever safe and in no pain now
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Condolences on your loss. I lost 3 of a litter of 5 this spring, and they had an experienced Momma to care for them. It is very sad to lose a sweet baby.

Initially, I talked to my dh about not fostering kittens anymore. I thought it was too hard on me and the kids (age 6; 9; 16). DH said kids have lived on farms for years, and have seen death up close, and they turned out just fine. Then I spoke to a co-worker who's 4 y/o son is struggling to understand what death is, and I realized that at least my kids really understand death, from losing 5 kittens since last summer.

I am not minimizing the pain they feel. But understand, that someday in your children's lives, they will lose another beloved life, whether a family member or beloved pet. How you teach them to deal with the loss of this tiny kitten helps them handle the other crisis they will inevitably face.

I tend to intellectualize, or try to make sense of things. But I try to allow each child to respond in their own way. I do not stop the tears, or tell them we will get another kitten. But I do offer comfort. I do let them know that if we were not fostering and caring for the kittens, they would have died anyway. That they would have passed alone and uncared for. That we will try to find the strength to do it again-to help another homeless, cast-off kitty.

And I like a little "funeral" ceremony as we bury the animal. Say a few words, allow others to say a prayer.

I'm not ready for kittens yet, but by next spring, aka kitten season, I plan to be ready for another litter. You will slowly heal, too. And if God brings you another tiny life to care for, you will try again.

Rest in peace, tiny baby. I'm so glad for your sake that you had a good Meowmie and loving children to ease your passing over the Rainbow Bridge. The fighting and pain is over. Enjoy romping with the other kittens.

Rest in peace Odie, Mattie, B.B., Zero, and Kiss. You remain in our hearts, sweet babies.
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This is sad. I was so sadx for moogle just the other day and now my little furball has passed. I have lost cats before but never a small kitten. My animals as a child had always died after living long, full lives. My children are a bit sad, but they understand that animals pass since they've had hamsters that have passed on it the past. I'll be taking them to see Wallace and Grommitt this afternoon to try to get some of the sadness out of my house last night. EVen my husband, who is not an animal lover, was saddened. I'm not sure if it was because my children and I are sad; or if he was just sad for the kitten but we are all feeling sorrow for furball and thankfulness for April and her kittens right now.
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That little one is happy over the bridge now.

I'm sorry for your loss. I wish there were better words for situations like this.
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I am sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet little kitten. You were deeply loved and you will be missed by your family.
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Thank you for trying to help this kitten. I am sorry she has passed on.
RIP, little one.
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Aw Beckiboo;

I'm really sorry for the lost little one. I know how heartbreaking it is.
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