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The Day of Ted Brogan: EventFuR

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well hello everyone,

Lis let me post again, and she also let me draw up a few pictures to illustrate my eventfuR day! <3

I have a question to ask you other furries, is anyone else afraid of musical things? Lis found out my weakness the other day, she was playing with her harmonica and I freaked out.. I have no idea why. But I'll hide under the table and act really good.. ut oh, I guess Lis found a secret weapon to make me behave! :/ *mreow*

well I woke up like any normal cat should wake up, hogging Lis's pillow, whats funny is she only had two inches and tried to get more acess to the pillow, but I kicked at her head and said.. "nooo way!"

after that I got called in to work, if you don't know.. I Ted Brogan own my own law firm. Brogan & Brogan PA. yeah, it's true, and why are there two Brogans in the title? because.. it sounds cooler! So anyways I had a chance to fly my plane to work.

yeah soon after it crashed cause I forgot I couldn't fly planes.. Oh don't worry, I got out safely and noone else was injured, except some grass and such.

So when I had to leave work, I had to borrow my friends bike and ride home!

Although, I did enjoy it! <3 now I must have a bike of my own.

When I got home, I clawed on the walls because I was bored, Lis took out her harmonica and scared me, so I stopped. Most of the time I will behave, but sometimes when the particles of fun inside my body ignite I scratch on things, or take off like a wild race horse with wings.

I am in the process of making a Halloween story for everyone to read and yes, it will have lovely pictures by me, DR. Ted Brogan P.H.D

we eventually stopped to smell lovely flowers. I kind of miss my dad :'( *mroww*

well it's getting late, I need my beauty sleep!and I need to lick my fur a bit. I will be sure to post my scary halloween story, but don't be too worried! it won't be too scary! I promise! I scare easily too!

Love Always,

Ted Brogan
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Hey Ted! Another great story. You sure are a multi talented cat!

Sometimes my meowmy - who really does have a good singing voice - will sing really off key or high and scare me. Then she also has this little tin flute which annoys me sometimes. But when she wants me to behave, she mostly yells no - REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - I don't have to worry about meowmy hogging my pillow. Meowmy IS my pillow/mattress!

Psst - is that your meowmy in the last pic? She is a pretty meowmy.
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Hello Ted...my name is Reilly

I like your story..I hope you write somemore for us
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well *mreow* to tell you the truth, I get bored while I am at work and write stories of adventures I would like to go on.
I really love your fur Reilly, beautiful!
Aristotle, the white pretty kitty.. I hope I got your name right. :-) I've never seen a white kitty befur :-)

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