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What do you do when you can't sleep??

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Back in my own bed tonight and of course I can't sleep. What do you do when you can't sleep?
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sit on here, LOL..clean...

take a valerian and wait for it to kick in..watch infomericals lol
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most of the time reading will make me sleepy.

taking a hot shower, drinking warm tea, relax and listen to music.
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I'm doing it right now. Hang out on TCS, of course!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Hang out on TCS, of course!
Me too. I've been having some sleep trouble lately. Comes with age I guess.
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I go online and play on a dog sim site before heading over here
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I come here, too!
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im an insomniac so i don't sleep very much, lately I have been spending alot of time on this site but i also do my school work and play the sims if i can't sleep. i would clean but it wakes up the kids 2 and 4 legged ones.

Originally Posted by emb_78
Back in my own bed tonight and of course I can't sleep. What do you do when you can't sleep?
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I dont sleep well at night....i always tend to fall asleep about 1-2 hrs before my alarm goes off! lol I have this Herb Tea called "sweet dreams" by Bigelow that i drink often and it really relaxes me. I also watch tv and within an hour or so i'll start getting sleep again. My doctor told me that i need to get out of bed and not lay there when i cant sleep....and not to watch tv in my bed either. Bed was only for sleeping!
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I do crosswords....eventually I start nodding off and usually am good to go!
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I bang on the ceiling to get the people upstairs to shut up! Last night they kept me awake until 4am - they were having a party, but not just ANY party.... it was a KAREOKE PARTY!!! Oh and musical chairs... all drunken, of course. Fun.
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I'll just go talk to my cats.. they usually give me the "get lost! I'm trying to sleep here" stare Otherwise, I'll go write my blog or watch some late night tv.. never fails to put me to sleep
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I go onto TCS of course!! or I read
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Lately I have had that problem myself. That is unusual for me. I sleep until about three thirty and then wake up every hour until time to get up. By that time I am exhausted from trying to sleep. Maybe I should just get up and join you folks on here.
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sit on the toilet and smoke a cigerette
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I am a terrible sleeper- always have been. I've been a night person forever and medical training really screwed up my already irregular schedule. Our Dean of Medicine was recently citing a study to me that showed ppl who work night shifts tend to have more illnesses but I told her if that was for my benefit, I was sure I'd never change. Now I have chronic pain that keeps me awake and to take my mind off it, I read - books and online (and yes, even TCS, lol).
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I play a game with myself: I don't allow myself to open my eyes! Not even a little. Eventually (or surprisingly quickly), I BORE myself to sleep!
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I was having one of those nights the other night when I found you all. 2 hours sleep and I was wide awake. I either read, look up those "things you always wanted to know and nobody would tell you" on the net or play computer solitaire.
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I usually will watch TV for awhile, or read some....
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chat, watch tv
or seriously run around the room, it will make you sleepy
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Watch tv, have some toast, come on TCS or text!!
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I never really have that problem. I love my sleep and in fact, I probably sleep far too much. If I couldn't however, I would come on here
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I uhm...talk to myself
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Actually, I don't usually have trouble sleeping. But every so often I'll have a few nights where I'll sleep until about 4 am and then stay very near the surface until it's time to get up. The best thing in that situation, I find, is just not to fight it -- relax and not obsess about sleeping, and at least I manage to continue resting. After two or three nights, whatever was causing it generally passes, and I'm back to sleeping through, interrupted only briefly by Mother Nature's summonses
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Watch TV while knitting, or read a book in bed...
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I whine.

And when i'm done whining, I play with my cats, drink some soy milk, read and try to go back to bed
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When I can`t sleep i get up and either clean somethin gin the house or do something craft....sometimes I read or get on the puter.....once in awhile I will turn on the TV.
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oo! I have the same problem! Oo ever sence I was, like, 5 or something and I stayed up all night watching cartoons, i've never slept properly. lol. Seiriously, though, there are soe points whee I dont' sleep to 7 AM. and sometimes i dont' sleep till six pm on the weekends. Oo''. Worst thing is, I'm a rock when I fall asleep. ^^ I'm like my dad, When i fall asleep I become a rock. A bomb could go off and I probubyl wouldn't wake. I could get on a good sleeping sceduel for like two days then it's bakc to going night night at 3 AM. it's a good thing I'm home schooled, ha. really, when I really wanna get to sleep I'll read a book, play my game boy advance/gamecube, or force myself to sleep if I get drastic. But, seriosly, there are time's when I dont' sleep for 24 houres. like now. it's 7:07 AM and I'm still up, waiting for my rp friends to egt on and doing stuff like drawling on my paint program and writeing in my million storys. ^^''

Mega innsomniact,
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If I can't sleep it's because something is on my mind, so I write about it. Writing helps me figure things out, so I usually figure it out and feel like I can sleep afterwards. If not, I just stay up until I'm exhausted enough to pass out. I get online until then.
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It's funny you ask.. I have a shirt that says "when I can't sleep, I count the number of buckles on my straightjacket"

If I can't sleep I usually lay there and watch TV or I am on here
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