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my cat (4months old) is a nightmare

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Please help me someone, I don't know what to do with this animal anymore. I have grown up with cats, and they have always been a pleasure, ESPECIALLY when kittens but I recently got myself a male, 4 months old who is the CRAZIEST, MOST HYPER, ANNOYING creature I've ever seen. I feel horrible about saying this about the little guy, but I am at my wits end here. He bites, he scratches, he destroys EVERYTHING. You cannot pick the thing up without getting bit, and his teeth are getting sharper by the day. I have tried closing his mouth when he bites, USELESS! He runs off then comes back for more. As for him destroying everything that isn't nailed down, I've tried the water bottle. USELESS! He does not respond to anything. As I said I am not a new cat owner, but NEVER EVER have I seen a cat like this. He is getting fixed next month, and i pray this calms him down, but I have a feeling he's just a bad egg. I feel too guilty to give him to the SPCA, because no one in their right mind would take a cat like this, so I'd be signing his death certificate, but at the same time he enrages me to the point where I don't even care. I don't mistreat him, I pay as much attention to him as I can, but he is such a little asshole! Any suggestions how I can make him tolerable....Notice I say tolerable, not perfect. As it stands now, I dread coming home to the him.
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Has the cat been checked out by a vet and given a clean bill of health? It's possible the cat is just very active; however, if he is sick, that could cause crazy behavior. A vet may be able to give some advice if you describe your problem.
Where did you get the cat? If you found him outside, he could be a 'wild' stray or a feral cat...in this case it could take quite some time for him to calm down. If you got the cat from a known person, have you asked that person for help (maybe there are similar litter mates or the mom or dad behaved the same way)?
Others on this site have used Bach's Rescue Remedy to calm down pets but I haven't used it, I also do not know if it is safe to use on a 4 month old cat.
Once you figure out why the cat is behaving this way (nature, health, habit), you can reserach how to deal with his behavior. There are lots of options for modifying cat behavior so it's too soon to give up on him!
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My girfriend's sister's friend bought him for 10 bucks off some guy on the subway who had a litter he was taking to the SPCA. Somehow, he managed to come live with us. Vet says there's a good chance at least one parent may have been feral, hence the wild behavior. Healthwise, he's OK. What is "Bach's Rescue Remedy"?
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I was wondering if you have an adequate supply of toys on hand......a scratching post, some wand toys so you could play together, and some mice so he could play with and take some of his aggression out on.
It might help to give him treats whenever he is playing nicely with you. This will help him to see that he will be rewarded for good behavior rather than punished for bad behavior.
Also is he the only cat/animal you have? Maybe he needs a companion.
Please let me know if any of the above helps. In addition, I would just like to say that I realize that you may be frustrated with your kitty.....I could tell by the language you used to describe him....and maybe your kitty is responding to your temperment.
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Go buy the book "Is My Cat Crazy" by John Wright (I think that is his name). He is an animal behaviorist who writes about a cat just like this. I let a friend borrow my copy, and I can't remember what he said to do, but whatever it was...it worked. So, please get that book so you can find out how to work with your little wild child.

P.S. Bach's Rescue Remedy helps calm anxious and aggressive animals (and people). You can get it at most health food stores.
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Maybe he's biting your hand because he's teething early?!? My kittens both bit my hands when they were teething(My female teethed at about 5 months). Maybe he's just a crazy kitty? My cat pepper was a really hyper and active as a Kitten, and he still is now! He climbs the walls with his claws. Maybe it's just because he's a kitten?
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