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Kitten with squinty eye

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Hi all- Hope you can help. Quick background-3 or 4 weeks ago my co worker found 2 kitties living outside her house. We rescued them and they have been living at my house for two weeks. All is well, we are keeping one and the other is going to a friend's next week. They went to the vet, got 1st shots, dewormed (was definitely a prob) and flea treated (which I didnt even realize they had. They are due back for shots in two weeks. I was going to have my friend take hers in on her own to her vet, as she lives 45 min from my vet. Right now they are 13-14 weeks old.
The boy, who is going to my friend next week seems to have a squinty eye. I noticed he closes it first and sometimes leaves it with a slit while the other one is wide open. Just now, after some rough play with sis, that eye was completely closed and the other was open! I examined his eye and found no sign of trauma- no redness, mark or scratch. I have some theories.
A) He has a lazy eye and due to excitement and pupil dilation, its easier to see when shut
B) he's cross eyed?
C) It got scratched and/or irritated
D) It's got some kind of infection
E- He just plain weird!
I have some Terramycin- could it hurt him to treat the eye with it? I will definitely keep an eye on him and bring him in if this continues or gets worse and will mention it to new owner. Any ideas?
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He is the one on the left. BTW he is playing normal, eating, not pawing at his eye.

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I would not treat him with anything that is not recommended by your vet. I'm certainly not an expert, but my guess is he has an infection or has gotten it scratched somehow. Either way, a visit to the vet is highly recommended to ensure that it isn't something that will get worse and be more expensive to treat in the long term.

Please, call your vet and try to get him in as soon as possible. If it is an infection it may even be contagious and his sister may also get it. If it's a scratch it will be very painful to him. I had my eye scratched once and it was the worst pain I've ever had and that includes my hysterectomy.
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